Why does my Maya feel weak?


And that.

I can watch hours of motorcycle tricks and buy the exact same bike. Doesn’t mean I’ll be able to do any of it.


The others have already covered my general feeling about YT videos. I would suggest taking a look in the new Time Trials thread at the Maya runs, and see what builds/gear those players are running. The TT rules are a bit more stringent (eg no modded gear, no BAR).

What’s your current Maya build? Fill this in and post it - maybe someone will have some ideas:


This is one of the most powerful setups in the game, but comparing it with Sal on glitches just isn’t right.

However… You’re not imagining things when it comes to those videos you’ve seen. They are (most of the time) done solo, whereas you’ve been doing them in a group. All enemies gain more health and damage resistance when you go as a team. If you do it solo, I’m sure you’ll start seeing things differently.


Another thing about YT vids is they usually post “that one run”. Not the 25 priors when they learned all the little not so obvious details and practiced it.


Just because You have all the right tools doesn’t mean you are going to automatically win against a raid boss especially on Maya who is the weakest consistent raid killer,also comparing anything to the pimphab Sal is pointless because of how absurdly broken this “build” is. Maya is by no means a weak character, she just requires more work against raids, but that’s the price we pay for being so amazing at mobbing. My advice is for you to just go watch some time trials learn the techniques and you will be gtg. In the end You should be able to dispose of raids no problem same as everyone else, it will just take a bit longer on some.


Check out anything from this guy, he’s a maya master


I suppose she’s “weaker” than the other chars when it comes to raids. Not sure about Axton, though… Anyways… What I want to point out about that “weakness” is that she’s 100% right off the bat. Start the game, and she’s ready to go. Gaige… How long does it take to get those stacks up? And Zero… Stacking critical ascension is super fast too, right? Sal… Well… There’s no one like Sal! :smile: Even Krieg needs things to line up properly.

Once all those criterias are met, then Yes… Maya is weaker than the others. But if you die even once, you have to do that “Raindance” all over again, and line up those enemies again, and… You get the idea!

Are you really sure about that? :wink:


Lots of this too… don’t let these set an expectation that, even with practice, one can “simply walk into Mordor.”


not on raids she isn’t. The problem with Maya is that she is (and stays) at around 60-70% of her total power through the raids because of the way she is built, things like wreck and chain reaction straight up don’t work if the boss doesn’t have mobs around and even if he does you barely get to use the buffs, on top of that reaper wears off half way through leaving you with only accelerate and mind’s eye for straight gun damage increase when the boss is <50%. The odds are against a Maya when fighting raids because she can’t safely prestack or convert overkill damage and we are just left with half of our skills being wasted (thank heavens for the leg.cat COM)

Edit: When you think about it Maya is the only character during raid that loses dps instead of gaining it.


OK! Poor choice of words! What I meant was that she’s as strong as she’ll ever be against a boss right from the start.

Some of her skills are useless against raids. That’s a well known fact. And, Yes… Reaper is only active as long as the boss is above 50% health. Are you also saying that Money Shot on Sal isn’t good because it’s only active on the last shot? Zero has OSOK. It’s only active on the first shot. So, where am I going with this? All characters have their skills, and some of them are useless in certain situations. Leg. Cat and Beehawk more than make up for the fact that some of her skills wear off or are completely inactive during boss fights.

If you take a look at the time trials, you’ll notice something interesting. Maya is right up there at the top on three of the bosses on OP 8.
Terra - 2nd
Hyperius - 1st
Pete - 4th
Vora - 6th
Dragons - 2nd
Craw - 5th

Absolutely! But c’mon… Reaper is a totally OP skill to begin with.



My build, few random skill points scattered, but it works for in in multi functions without having to change things really. Get used out of the pimpernel chain reaction, roughrider fleet speed to speed run through places, if Im not doing bosses with people I end up switching to a Leg binder class mod so I get more in sweet release

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surprised on that one for Hyperius, thought for sure hyperius would be dommed by zer0 via B0re


No. We both know that this skill is abused with multiple glitches which make it totally op.

When it comes to 0S0K I totally would argue that on high fire rate/large mag guns it’s not even worth putting points into (using hyperion shotguns for example).

As for TT’s yes i am perfectly aware of where she stands. But i doubt many people can pull a wr whenever they please.

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That’s what i use these days. Maybe you’ll like it.


So which COM are you using for raiding? The standards are the L Siren and the L Cat - depending on the raid. Regardless, take the time to watch Juzhang’s two guides that Pie posted above. They go into great detail that you can apply to most other raids.

Also, the Hyp top spots typically abuse Immolate.


L cat for raiding, unless it’s something I can use the pimpernel chain raction on then I used blurred trickster

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Not only Hyperius, Terra too, and drakes abuse kinetic reflection.


Also, have a look at the first part of this thread

This was a request for TVHM help, but @nat_zero_six posted some incredible video guides for all the bosses. Maya doesn’t actually need 67 points for raiding, so this is still relevant for UVHM.


Well, I can tell you that I certainly can’t! :slight_smile: But that’s because I’m not as good as others are. Maya, however… She certainly has the potential, and that’s what we’re discussing here. I just get a bit… annoyed whenever I hear someone saying that Maya is “weak”, when in reality, it all comes down to the person playing the game. Whether it takes more or less skill to make Maya that strong compared to other characters, I really couldn’t say.


You actually reminded me of a particular thread which clearly shows that when you take TT’s into consideration Maya comes of really nice (3rd at OP8 is pretty good) compared to others. Therefore making my "Maya is the weakest raider"argument a bit…overdramatic :smile: