Why does Pendles have an Eldrid (brown) background

He is not an Eldrid. He is a rogue. They very clearly state that

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Well, it’s kinda both. They can’t figure out how to reproduce it, but the LLC do claim that it’s simply extremely advanced technology

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Yes, in the same sense that there’s a science to all magic. Like how Sirens in bl are “magic chicks” according to the nomads :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe the troops don’t Know the science behind it and have just been lead to belirve its magic…?

Entirely possible. I just like fantasy over sci fi, so maybe that’s why I wanna think it’s magic. Stop trying to crush my dreams!

They are advanced but not in a traditional way, I see it ass if you gave an eldrid an assault rifle, they would “how does this odd machine work”

They call it magic because they simply don’t understand it but we can tell that it is not magic because certain things have to be done to preform certain actions that can not simply create planets out of absolutely nothing even harry potter “magic” isn’t magic there is a structured way to do something heck the imperial people thought the native Americans were magic because of the way they planted and made crops however that was simply not true it was simply better for both the earth and them

Harry potter magic can create something from nothing. You lost me when you said it’s not magic because it’s structured.

I do not know of a single spell that creates something out of nothing in Harry Potter also structured magic means it is not magic if i have to jump 3 times and say blue penguins every time i do a spell in a specific way it is not magic because that means it can be explained and anything thay can be explained is science

Manipulating quantum possibilities to collapse into which ever thing you like in reality is technically magic from our perspective. If we ever master this task it will be through a form of technology, since this “magic” would be a media and all media are technologies, realised through science.

If we evolve to manipulate matter & quantum possibilities at will, that would be a natural evolved form of this “magic”, therefore a natural ability, explainable with science.

I think the Eldrid faction and their races have both: natural evolved “magic” and technological realised “magic”.

In that case really really cool reality-bending & reality-transforming technology ^^

Awesome science / magic theoretical discussions aside, they still messed up his background colour and / or faction!


Personally, I think Pendles should be the head of a NEW factions (EE or Execs or Assassins or something) and he could “hire” (have new characters released) new members.

Honestly the whole magic is just science, is way over thought. If you can break the laws of reality, like turning a stick into a turtle, or build technology that cannot be explained, it is magic, maybe you can LOOSELY explain it, but in the end it is magic

There’s a bunch of problems with the Command menu. Does anyone else gave their mastery percentage shown at about half of what it actually is?


Me and most everyone I know.


It randomly fixed itself on my s.o’s, so maybe it’ll go away.

Perhaps it’s because his clothing is orange so they decided to choose a different colour to stop him being absorbed by the background? It’s the only reason I can think of other than “someone done goofed”.

First i would just like to say i don’t think turning a stick into a turtle is too absurd if they have a similar atomic make up and they both are just masses of cells is not too farfetched also if you can see it happen in reality then its not breaking the laws of reality because anything that exist in reality can be explained by just existing and we loosely understand fundamental forces at the moment does that mean they are magic

Dude that is magic, no one could ever explain giving a stick organs, a diet, completely new structure and behavior, saying you could see it because of atom and cells is like saying me as a human is similar to a tree (sorry that I sounded like a smarta**)

Having rules for your story, world, and in this case the magic, used to be called “Good Writing” and “World Building”

“Can magic wielders in this universe create fire from thin air or can it only be drawn from an existing source? We’ll never know because the author was too lazy to actually think about the mechanics they add to their story.”

Not science. Magic. Well written magic.

Interesting topic. If you went back 100 years with current technology, and tried to explain how a smart phone works, would they think of it as a magical device?