Why does scoring so heavily favor kills?

If a team can lead in kills (sometimes by a large margin) and still lose the match, why does scoring so heavily favor kills?

Over the last week or so, I have been paying more attention to team kill totals against team victories. While I knew it could happen, I was surprised at how often the winning team had fewer kills than the losing team. Ok, so objectives matter.

If that’s the case, why are the objective-minded players almost always lower in score to the ones going after kills? If the score is a reflection of how much a player’s effort helped their team, and these matches are all objective based, why does scoring so heavily favor kills?

I agree. I normally lead in minion kills, but there’s not much reward for doing so. And assist kills are just as important as “normal” kills, so why not keep their points the same. That’s just my opinion. Too many people running around going for the kill and avoiding buildable’s/thrall’s.

I’m not sure what minion kils count for point wise in incursion or meltdown, but there have been times that I have had double or more of the asists, buildables, and minion kills as the rest of the team, but barely held the lead or even brought the average down.

The devs have said that they’re looking into the scoring system, and will try to make it more accurately reflect the objectives.

It’s probably just a lower priority than bug fixes, performance improvements, new characters, etc.

I don’t understand either.

Minions, thralls, buildables, summons do not count for jack ■■■■ in score.