Why does the fearmonger take up half the sceen?

i cant rly use this gun cuz once i try to fire it i cant see anything anymore
legit i cant even use field of few since that doesnt change anything APARENTLY i tried and rly i felt no difference

either they have to shrink the gun or make me able to zoom out even more, not even joking
or maybe its just me, but i think its rly extrem

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screenshot please…

screenshot please…

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this is when i shoot btw, so i cant even see where the bullets hit their target

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Looks like the weapon recoil is obscuring the view momentarily? Since it is a bit of a hefty weapon, that doesn’t help. But if you fire before recoil recovery you’re going to miss anyway.

Honestly, the Fearmonger isn’t the only weapon that takes up an entire quarter of the screen either:

It seems to be a common thing. Good job they go down when you start sprinting…


the problem with the fearmonger is though
its a BIG bulky weapon
its kickback rly just takes up RLY 50% of the screen in its motion making it kinda hard to see whats up
compaired to stuff like tjhe carrier u are holding
the carrier is thing and holds still
and its an atlas rifle, thats alot of diffferences

honestly its brutal vs something like the hellwalker where the thing is fast, has alot of kickback but its also thin

im rly for shrinking the gun by about 15-25%

They didn’t upload in time, but I actually checked a number of my shotguns to see how they compared in terms of screen real estate. However, there are a number of shotguns of very similar heft. The Heart Breaker, for example, is similarly sized and also can have a hefty recoil.

IOW there’s a bunch of candidates for being shrunk down a bit.

Ever looked at them when your character has them slung across their back? Some of the weapon models (in all three games) are enormous - if they were real weapons, they’d cripple the person trying to use them!

interestingly enough i think hyperion is the worst offendor somehow
in bl2 they where these thin ass skinny guns that felt like they came from a 3d printer
now they feel like they are more for beating ppl with them

most jakobs shotguns are rly thin

even bloody rocketlaunchers dont have it this hard since you shoot once and then slowly have to wait for another shot

it would help alot with screen real estate for guns if some would be a bit smaller

an extrem example would be me in real life having the gun in my face like that meme, but also wearing a magnifying glass while doing so