Why does the game give me lvl 49 stuff while running mayhem 3 on TVHM?

I beat the game. I put the time in, farmed the stuff (which got nerfed) and kept chugging away. Ran Mayhem 3 and kept at it. Decided to knock out TVHM with the understanding that everything would be harder and my level. Once complete, TVHM with Mayhem 3 should never drop anything other than lvl 50 stuff, yet chest after chest after chest has lvl 49 stuff in it. Are you trying to make me quit the game gearbox? It says stuff should be my level. Level 50. Yet it keeps spawning garbage level 49 gear. Why? Add to that I put it on the hardest difficulty to get the best stuff and I get more greens and whites? What kind of garbage is that? When I kill a boss that takes awhile in TVHM and go to get my reward it should be a reward and not garbage at a level lower than me. I put up with this game randomly shutting down my xbox, deleting my bank contents, killing me randomly for stupid glitches and costing me millions, but then you reward me with level 49 garbage in the mode that is supposed to gaurantee loot at my level? Get it together Gearbox.


I’ve seen blue drops at lvl 49… very rarely somr purple drops have been 49 but still had a high gear score(not that GS is important anyway) but i don’t think i have ever had a single legendary at 49. So i don’t think it matters much in the end?

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When I am on TVHM with Mayhem 3 activated and I am level 50, as the game procedurally generates loot on the opening of a chest, it should all be level 50. It is frequently level 49 instead, which should not be possible given that everything is supposed to scale to my level for multiple reasons at this point. Doesn’t matter what is in the chest, greens, whites, legendaries, etc… frequently the loot is level 49 and that should not be happening. And yes, it matters. I beat the game and put it on Mayhem 3 and everything was level 50. The level the item drops at, if higher, means better quality, regardless of color. The stats are higher at level 50 than they are able to be at level 49.

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This is Borderlands Loot drop system in a nut shell

I’ve farmed the heck out of BL2, TPS. Loot has always had the chance of dropping 1 or 2 levels below, at level, or 1 above (unless your at level cap) and I believe BL1 was the same way though it’s been a long while since I played that game.
And now starting BL3, I find the formula for loot drops is still the same


If both TVHM and Mayhem 3 tell me stuff will be my level, then it should be at my level.


Since today I also have the problem that lvl 49 things appear, even in a Typhon box, finally a Hex grenade and then it is lvl 49! I have never had the problem that something has appeared under lvl 50, until today. TVHM Story completed and mayhem 1 with one friend in my game.

Sry for my bad english, i’m German :wink:

This is normal, even at mayhem 3 the mobs spawn in at level 49-51 randomly so you can end up with 49 gear. Plus as someone already mentioned its been this way since BL1 so its unlikely to be something they change now unfortunately.

Yup same thing happened in other borderlands games and it was really disappointing. Just gotta shrug it off and pray to rngesus for better drops. At least they aren’t dropping lv 47&48 gear too :grimacing:

same here, I’m at level 50 mayhem 3. I sometimes get level 49 and lost loot gives me level 1 legendary too, it’s weird

Regardless of whether this is how it worked in the past, it’s the Borderlands equivalent of when Destiny used to decrypt Purple engrams into Blues. For a split second you have excitement - an orange! - but alas, it’s 49. Gotcha sucker!

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It is massively disheartening to open a box on TVHM Mayhem Mode 3 with a combined total of +~26 luck and find a level 49 gun. Whites, greens, fine, but at least make them my level. Three separate things affecting my drops should make for at least items at my level.

Yeah, it was this way on BL1 and BL2, great, but this is BL3, that’s the whole point. They had a chance to make it better. I thought they did by giving us Mayhem Mode and then Luck we can actively manipulate. They had a chance to fix it. It is a garbage mechanic in a modern day game.

Make the drops whites or greens, but don’t make it below my level. Easy peasy.

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I’m missing a incendinary Faisor for my collection but keep finding lvl 49 Faisors. I feel your pain!

My Proplem is not that lvl 49 loot CAN drop. My Problem is: Before I killed Tyreen in TVHM modus (played the story 2nd time), drops ALWAYS were lvl 50, we killed many bosses and opened a lot of chests, everything lvl 50 and after completing the mainstory, suddenly many lvl 49 drops. When a friend makes the host, he has not killed tyreen yet, the drops are always lvl 50. Maybe it is some kind of bug, when the story is completed in TVHM??? Reset the Story doesnt help so far. Now I’m re-installing the Game, maybe it will help

You are correct. I’d also like to point out that the OP stated it was guaranteed. Nowhere did it ever state that you are guaranteed on-level drops when in TVHM M3. I play at that level and frequently see level 49 gear. It gives me that Borderlands 1 feel. 1 level below won’t hurt the potency of the weapon on all my experiences. It just keeps you on the look out for that max level version. Good ol’ borderlands 1 stuff. :innocent: Keep hunting Vault Hunter. :acmaffirmative:

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Like others have mentioned this is by design. That doesn’t mean the design shouldn’t change. Leave it the way it is for story mode. That’s fine and doesn’t matter. Once you switch over to TVHM the minimum item level should equal your character level. Period.


Imho this is a bug. I also have that problem on mayhem 3. that is the reason that the only sploder gun I have is lvl 49

Honestly, they could do away with it. The game has enough RNG layers now. “Increase status effect chance” annointment on a non-elemental gun can be the new “level 49”.

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I got a high damage annointed Lyudia at 49. Yay /s