Why does the game hate me?

Sigh… I was just attempting the new Maliwan Takedown event solo on M4 for the first time. I was doing decently well too. I just killed the Kraken miniboss after managing a second when I got bombarded by those insanely high damage missiles.

Made it to the Valkyrie bosses. I am doing pretty well, just sent Hildr back to its platform and then all of a sudden in the middle of the fight… the game crashes. :rage:

Perhaps my PS4 is trying to tell me it’s time to move on…

There are so many issues with this game. The main reason I’m still playing is just because it’s borderlands, but I think I may stop soon.

Sorry this happened to you.

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Easy Tiger. It could just be bad luck. Try again and see if it happens again. :smiley:

It happens. There is so many things on screen that it crashes sometimes (bad memory management).

I know crap like this happens, it still is frustrating though. It probably would not bother me as much if there was a new you machine at the top of the elevator.

I think this game was made with next gen consoles in mind considering how much better the PC quality looks vs ps4 pro and xbox. They are hoping to bank on us buying it again for next gen. Luckily PS5 will be backwards compatible with every previous system.

Agreed it’s frustrating. No dispute. I’ve had 4 crashes since 13sep. I still hardcore the game every day though! Keep at it mate! :smiley:

At times it feels like they definitely overdid the effects. Sometimes I get into Iron Bear and cannot see much of anything through the gunfire.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hate you anymore than anybody else.:grin:

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