Why does the game look like its set to super low resolution?

I made a post on BBI forums as well, but figured I’d post here in case someone has come across anything. The game looks really bad even on the highest resolution. It looks as though I’ve set it to run at the lowest resolution, at full screen. there’s rough edges everywhere, and the game is really blurry. low res issue I don’t consider myself picky by anymeans. And I absolutely adore homeworld. I’ve been one of those cult followers sense the beginning. So I hope there is some way to get past this.

Here’s a pic I just took. Even the circles around the carrier is very choppy. This is just weird.

Click on image to enlarge.

The circle looks like it’s clipping with the terrain. Don’t know about the rest of the graphics. Curious about how this game loads the CPU vs. the GPU when there’s a lot of units in combat - any observations on that?

I’m not really sure how it distributes the load. In active combat I don’t suffer any slowdowns. But its hit or miss with certain configurations.

As far as the circle clipping, that’s not the case. It’s just how its drawn, and how the low res issue is effecting it. It’s really hard to explain, without showing you actively, as you pitch and turn the camera.