Why does the LLC let Rendain use their own "minion robots" against them?

It’s rather swiftly established that the LLC (and Kleese specifically) designed the “minion robotics” line of combat robots. So why the hell do they allow Rendain to use their own robots against them?

You cannot seriously expect me to believe they did not build in failsafes for these circumstances…
Even if they didn’t, having manufactured them (and possessing the schematics), they would know their weaknesses and how to exploit them…

The LLC are war profiteers, they sell to both sides.
I thought the same as you and the above is my theory. Plus, ISIC in The Algorithm would explain their presence on that mission though not during The Experiment, and what/where is this “Magna Carta”?

The central A.I core was destroyed so maybe the Rendain got hold of some factories and built his own.

Well that theory would hold up “initially”, but what war profiteer wouldn’t say “CUT IT THE HELL OUT” when the person they sold to tried to use those weapons on THEM? :]

You have to remeber he was on their side. Until he rebelled and took most of the jen empire with him.
I am pretty sure kleese says something like “dam thoose minion are still working well you have to give the llc credit then knew how to make them last” meaning they pretty old.
Also when do we fight minions? I have only fought thrall and vasrel when against rendein

There aren’t any of em during the mission where you actually FIGHT Rendain, but he uses them against you a few times, such as during “The Experiment”.

Also the robot boss from the prologue is clearly one of them (“The Hunter” or w.e. he was called), as is the commander robot sentry thing from “The Experiment”.

Ah ok i thought they were alive sort of speak i mean kleese has to remove something so that it will kill itself and the one in the 3rd mission i think says how geoff is his brother not actually brother but i think they can make their own choices like nova and isic can. Also the llc are greedy bastard in prolog they ony give you 5 lives as part of the contract.

According to the intro video for the game (or more like “trailer” video), the LLC is the one paying out money and sponsoring the PVP arena deathmatches as well… n.nU

I think that some of them are probably sold to the Jennerit before Rendain sided with the Varelsi, some of them are sold by groups within the LLC that don’t care about the end of the universe as much as they care about profit, and some are quite possibly stolen. They only appear in Rendain’s service in the prologue and the Experiment, which (to me) implies that the Jennerit may be running low.

On the other hand, another possibility is that they are all malfunctioning LLC property. The only times that we see enemy minions are on Tempest (where Varelsi portals are doubtless getting opened all the time), and during the Experiment (which involved manipulation of Varelsi portals). Kleese does mention during the Edge of the Void that Varelsi portals “have a dizzying effect on A.I.”, so it isn’t too great a leap to assume that these enemy minions are malfunctioning to the point that they are willing to attack any enemy EXCEPT those that they were programmed to attack (Varelsi and Jennerit Thralls).

I think your point of previously getting them could be right. The Jennerit were originally fighting veralsi and the llc may have gave Rendain some. ISIC may have also given Rendain boys aswell.
I don’t think the portals would have an effect like that. Most of the time the Ai were sporatic and talked about thier “parents”

Llc is probably still selling to them i mean they only give you a limited about of lives so they clearly dont care that your trying to save solus.
Its not that hard to believe i mean pharmaceutical companies arent looking into antibiotic resistance because its not profitable even though it means we can all die from basic illness. So i have no dount the llc will still sell in order to get more money.

But for what?

For more robots and ■■■■ what else?!?!

One thing I factor into this is, what the hell is Antem? (The Sentry Boss from The Expiriment who seems to be commanding the Minion Forces during that mission) and I think he might actually be a Magnus himself, remember that EVERY AI in the universe is BAT S**T Insane, not JUST Isic, there’s nothing saying that a handful of Magnuses, Magni? whatever, didn’t side with Rendain after all and hacked in/manufactured their own minions for his forces.

And the Jenerit attacked the central A.I core so they might have stolen some magni. Good idea.

True. It is said in one of ISIC’s lore entries that the Magnuses all laughed when ISIC killed some organic life, so many of them seem to find joy in violence, or at least they do now that the Magna Carta has vanished. Antems nature seems more apparent given that he says “prepare the Sentry” right before he enters the fray himself, implying that the Sentry isn’t him, unlike, say, Geoff, or Huntsman. Even though his chatter image is of the Sentry that he uses, I’m fairly sure that it was just his preferred “body” just like ISIC’s massive mech is during the Algorithm. It’s not unbelievable that Antem and some like-minded Magnueses would hack/construct some minions for Rendain.