Why does the Night Hawking lose its damage multipliers?

Sometimes when I get a Night Hawking to drop, it will have something like 463x3 for the damage output. Yet sometimes after I save quit and come back again to play the game, it will lose that multiplier for no reason, and then it never comes back. This has happened to me multiple times and I am getting annoyed. Am I missing something here with this gun? Why does this happen? Is it a glitch?


Damage changes between night and day cycles.

I have never had that happen. I have seen it change between Ice and Fire based on day and night. However it always kept that damage output. Unless you mean literal days like in real life it changes. I have no idea.

Its due to the in-game time of day, you can check this through photo mode or even moze’ watch in some cases. Nighthawkin recieves 2 extra projectiles that deal fire damage at night

  • If the gun spawns with an elemental prefix such as Arctic (cryo), it will instead switch between firing 1 and 3 bullets per shot based on the time of day.
  • In areas such as Sanctuary III , with no day/night cycle, the fire mode defaults to 1 bullet per shot.

From the wiki BTW

That is not the problem though. What will happen is that in my inventory, it will say 460x3 for example, but then when I swap it in my inventory or quit the game, regardless if it is night or day in the game, it will then say 460 as the damage, and that is it.

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Interesting. I guess I will research the Wiki.

During the month from launch; i had 2 that had opposite times that the x3 was available; this got patched, now they both recieve the buff at the same time. As the time is constantly changing in game it can literally change from 1 minute or session to the next without any visual cues in game. Usually wint change more than once in a session/area though ; the lighting only changes a miniscule amount between them

Interesting. Alright thanks.

There’s a weapon coming in the next DLC called the Tough Menstrual… it does 10x damage once per month, game time. Definitely want to farm one of those up when it hits.

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My understanding and I’m probably wrong is it’s a stranger things reference so as dumb as this might sound as an explanation stranger things if that makes sense?

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