Why does the sham hate me?

I’ve farmed the Bunker for months and need help getting the sham I don’t care what it takes anymore running it with more people just tired of getting the head, the B* or nothing psn is zambiamold ((all lower cased) I’m op 2 atm)

Haderax also drops the Sham amongst a variety of other shields & weapons, its a much more rewarding farm.

Would love to farm him but don’t have decent gear to kill it i tried to got it to a 4th of its health then it refilled

A fire conference call, on level Bee (doesnt have to be good) is all you need, first step as soon as you drop in is run straight to the rocks in middle of map & have your back to Haderax watching which hole he goes into, this is important as he will never come out of the same hole he goes in to or has just come out of, the rocks also block all Haderaxes attacks & no mobs spawn under there, when you know which hole he will come out of just wait by it and shoot him as soon as he comes out. Ive got my kills on him down to mere seconds doing this.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m not that coordinated with all that but ill try some stuff thank you

Good luck, under the rocks in middle of map is a giant safe zone & with Haderax himself when you know which hole he’s coming out of next is a pushover, if you dont knock him down just run back under the rocks he cant touch you with anything :wink:

Handsome sorcerer still the best farm for conference call or is there a better one?

Haderax chests are great for a CC, warrior is still the 1st imo over Sorcerer only because its shorter to run. Ive just killed him a few times since chatting and just got the drop below, honestly i recommend to everyone forget the Bunker for Sham farming go to Haderax :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with the Bee.

I can get a Bee no problem, sometimes 3 in one run of the forest, but can I hellaslike get a named one. I’ve been playing BL2 for years now, on 3 formats and I’m still yet to say a Bee that’s not bog standard. I farmed Hunter dozens of times before the Tiny Tina dlc too, still never seen one. I’m beginning to think they don’t even exist, and everyone I’ve seen on YouTube is modded or something :stuck_out_tongue: (joking clearly, but the thought has crossed my mind at one point)

I don’t bother with the Sham, so I’d not even know if that’s as rare in my playthrough, I do have a high 80s one but, never use it - I play as Gaige so the Bee is far more useful, I just wish I could find one that has something extra rather than the plain old vanilla one.

Haderax drops the Bee too, I’ve been farming him with level 55 toons collecting all the bits up to level 72 and then transferring in a new level 55 via cloud & repeating the farm, My fire CC is only level 57 the entire time, main thing that makes it really easy is amp damage being high. I farm trees in the Forest for Bees though not Haderax, I have a pretty sweet collection of resistant Bees from them.

If you have the Lilith Fight for Sanctuary DLC, I had the Sham drop from killing Hector.

Nice drop :+1: Hector dropped a Deadly Bloom for me, might have to farm him more aswell.

I have OP0 (level 80), and OP10 perfect (94%) shams if you want one. Same goes for CCs (a level 80 CC will still destroy haderax even at OP10).

That would be awesome I just got off cuz I have stuff to do in town but you can send me a pm or a friends request and when I get home ill let you know