Why does the wiki get this stuff wrong?

The wiki for The Dictator lists every element but fire for the dictator.

Here is a fire Dictator.

Why would they exclude fire for no reason?

Because it’s made by the community, and people make mistakes. If this kind of thing bothers you, offer to contribute to it.


The chance is that Editors haven’t found fire Dictator yet, or didn’t bother to edit the page. Unless they directly extract things from data, Wikis tend to have missing holes.

Pay me 20 bucks an hour and I’ll go through the Wiki and add lots of missing info.

$20? I wish. But on that note, the wiki has really been missing stuff about BL3. I hope the community fleshes stuff out more soon, I’d love to read more about the different guns people have found.

It took years for the prior games to be updated with correct information. Give it time. As stated previously, feel free to go and correct the false information you find.


Hm. Good point. Ha, I still find ones that say they’re ‘uncertain’ about how something works or how it’s calculated from BL1.

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Community-driven website. You are in actual fact allowed to contribute editing articles.

Y’all seem to miss the point here. Why would they list every other element for it but assume that it can’t come in fire? There’s never been a weapon that spawns with all but 1 element.

the answer was provided several times already.

Because the community provides the information. If you dont have anybody making that entry or write a summary then the whole string wont have that info. WIKI as the provider of the database is under no obligation to cross check every entry or do corrections. I seriously hope you didnt come to rely on WIKI in terms of facts and real things because the amount of errors, mistakes and wrong perceptions on display there makes me worry sometimes.

Combat Shotguns could never spawn in Incendiary in BL1 due to a coding error. The Infinity in BL2 could not come in slag. Never assume anything.


Speaking of wiki, I was planning to test whether or not the Messy Breakup can benefit from Flak pet bonuses. I am not getting my hopes up but it would be great if it did.

If it works I might put it in the wiki.

They don’t get paid. All of the add revenue they have is being used on keeping the site up and running.

I don’t care if they don’t get paid. I get paid. :money_mouth_face: