Why does this game not work on console co-op at the weekend?

Title says it all. Fed up.


Second you on that it takes the p1ss simple as that. And seeing as it is continually going on every weekend some people don’t give a sh1t or it would be sorted by now.

Officially coined as #PSNSaturday by now … :facepunch:

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I believe it is happening on xbone too, its so annoying because at UVHM a full day is a lot of progression, I can only manage one or two hours during the week which sometimes isn’t even a level

Yea, have concluded that from your previous posts, my point is that on the PSN messaging system, it’s enuff now to write “PSN Saturday …” and everybody gets why nothing is working.

Hahaha fair play!

Update Sunday 21/2/16 Everything on psn network works apart from this game in Co op. why is no one coming up with an explanation as to why. Seriously pissed off now…

Today (Sunday) even party audio broke down - and - I got prompt telling me I was kicked out of PSN alltogether (that btw was a first) …

Yeah my party bugged out twice on saturday and on sunday I just played solo, wasn’t even getting my hopes up.

Set my game to public just incase :slightly_smiling:

On the other hand I got to spend some time farming mutated varkids on my level 14 Gaige

Topic started 8 days ago, not one reply from gbx,

I opened a ticket, they suggested I forward ports.

I didn’t have time at the weekend to do so. I find it shocking that they think it is my issue, I used to play this game constantly online and all of a sudden it doesn’t work and it’s a problem on my end?

Hilariously unsatisfying from GBX


Hey guys,

If we could, let’s it keep the banter to the one thread that already exists. It’ll just help us to have all the info/conversation in one place. Thanks!