Why does this happen

I am a physico character and I am about to quit it because I can’t stand the thing it does !!! When I use my special “Buzz Axe Damage” I keep hitting my self with the axe on my head! I’m trying to kill the monster but that keeps happening!!! WHY??? Obviously I’m dying and need help why would you guys put that there!! I can’t stand it I feel like I’m gonna break the game!! I’m loosing too much money! Every time I hit myself in the head I DIE. PLEASE REMOVE THIS! WHICH STAFF MEMBER DECIDED TOO ADD THIS! WHOEVER DID IT SHOULD BE FIRED ITS USELESS AND ANNOYING

Got you moved to the BL2 section.

And this is because youre specced into Silence The Voices. Its working as intended. You can always spec out of it if you dont like the risk/reward playstyle. But thats Krieg for you. Hes a psycho after all!

Krieg is a character specifically designed to be as chaotic as possible. Damaging himself nearly as much as the enemies is a big part of his playstyle. It’s part of the fun and a part of the character, and that’s one of the reasons so many people love playing him. He’s sort of a “suicidal” class. That’s the whole concept behind the character, and you can’t play him the same way you would play a “normal” class. If you don’t like it, either spec out of the Silence the Voices skill or choose a different class. Not every class works for every player. You could also look for specific advice from more experienced Krieg players around here (I’m not one of them) and look into threads in the Krieg specific section of the forums to research a different build that suits your playstyle a bit better, if you’re willing to try and make it work.

What @Kitty_Jo said. Also, apparently points in Empty the Rage and the melee damage boost from a Sickle COM will increase the melee damage Krieg can do to himself. However according to the Silence the Voices wiki page, the melee damage boost from that skill will not increase the melee damage Krieg can do to himself. Since I don’t play as Krieg, someone who has more experience with Krieg could probably verify that. Also, I recommend consulting the [DDD]Krieg’s skills for you! thread for a more useful explanation of Krieg’s skills.

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nope, just tested it.
5/5 empty the rage + 5/5 silence the voices does the same damage as 10/10 empty the rage and 10/10 silence the voices.