Why does this keep happening?

Hi, I have found a glitch that is wierd but quite rewarding. Sometimes, randomly when I log on to borderlands 2 It’ll say profile synced and give me a certain amount of badass tokens. Why does this happen???

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This happens to me if I have tokens to spend but I haven’t used them yet.

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I get this often.

At first they’d say “unspent” badass tokens, but there would be instances where I remember using them all up before logging off and finding a few new ones. Only happens when I log online after an extended period of offline play.

The only bad news is my badass rank is so 213 million so now Ihave 23674 badass tokens to spend XD.

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Um, that may become game breakingly bad mate.

Well I have 187 percent every stat for bonuses so yeah I drain through ammo a lot!

seeing how his Badass rank is that much, it almost sounds like OP is playing the game offline, so none of the patches will take effect, I remember 1 BA challenge (to do with slag I believe), that would cycle over and over again increasing the rank 10fold, in fact do that to long and that toon would not open because you could conceivably have over 2000 skin rewards from maxing that challenge out so many times.

would love to have that, at least for 1 toon only, then I could power level using the ancient dragons on OP 8

Um mm your bada** rank apply for all characters but yeah that’s too lucky

Yeah plus I’ve had all patches since I got the game so that’s very unlikely

Thankfully, he could fix it if he wanted or needed to.

Obviously dont. You know how low the odds are of getting 216 million badass rank XD

I play mine offline on mac a lot too. I think my available points doubled last time I checked. Pc gamers, try this. Go get a couple badass points available to spend while offline from steam (take note of how many). Save & Quit. Reload the game while still offline and see if it doubled.

Well I play ps3. And the glitch only seems to happen when I cross save.

Better question is why do you play the game with a corrupt BA rank that completely trivializes it? Gear, build, and experience are irrelevant with rank that high. Not to mention you completely ruin co-op because you’re gibbing everything.

Now you made me feel bad. But to answer your feeling hurting question XD I haven’t been playing borderlands 2 but 1 since online is back. Along with the pre sequal and every now and then splinter cell blacklist. Borderlands 2 Im waiting to get my uvhm2 package back so I could go back on 2.

Sorry but I just needed to be straightforward with you because no one else said it and you should know. I wouldn’t say that it’s a particularly honorable way to play the game. In the end, play the game the way you want to play it as long as it doesn’t affect another player’s experience. Contact tech support if you really want the problem resolved.

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Yeah I nearly always turn off my badass rank when I join public lobbies unless Im carrying people or we are just goofing off. Serious play I turn it off. But I respect your honesty on the issue.

Waits for Gulfwulf’s obligatory necro card


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