Why does Thorn and Marquis have more health than Benedict?

Makes no sense at all.

Because Thorn is Eldrid. Eldrid characters don´t have any shields but high health, while Benedict, as UPR birdie has shields.
Marquis, mhh, don´t know.

Well Thorn doesn’t have a shield so she should have atleast a little bit of health. Benedict has an escape route so since he’s got mobility maybe that’s why he doesn’t have all that much?

Same thoughts. Benedict can fly and jump rather high. So the idea is that he´s taking less damage than others because he´s supposed to fly over the mess of the battlefield and avoids alot of damage through movement.

Personally I´m to stupid for good Benedict movement & flying, thats why I don´t play him outside of PvE until I improve my gliding skills :slight_smile:

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Speaking of gliding that 3 hour lore challenge is just ughhhh
I feel it should of only been like 1 hour, 3 seems a bit…excessive

Its 3!!! I thought I red one hour :scream: Oh dear…thats gonna be a tough flight -.-

10,800 seconds = 180 minutes = 3 hours
:disappointed: :persevere: :disappointed:

Thats…I…ugh… Well, and people complain about killing Ambra.(!!!) This must be one of the most time consuming lore-challanges that exists!

Well the thing with Ambra is theoretically you could never see an enemy Ambra, you have zero control over that aspect. Atleast with Benedict yes it’s time consuming as all hell but it is something you can control the outcome of. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s an absurd amount of time


Thorne = magical elf.

Marquis = metallic robot.

Benedict = hollow bones.

That’s the best I’ve got.


He doesn’t need it. his gliding gives you a heavy advantage on almost all grounded opponents.

You can start any mission on normal jump off to the side and just keep gliding in circles and using his lift off ability everytime its available, tidious lore though.

Montana’s 1 mil health is more grindy. Only because there is an exploit to make every second in the air count for 3. It’s still a grind, but Montana has to dies roughly 200 times for his challenge.

Benedict has extremely high mobility, pretty good damage output and can escape from anywhwhere. I’m guessing that’s the reasoning.

Birds have hollow bones.

Still, Marquis shouldn’t have more HP than a lane pusher.

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Benedict is easy to spot in the air though. He becomes a giant target. Even though he’s mobile and can use liftoff it kinda becomes his downfall against ranged characters.

Thorn is Eldrid so yes she should have more health.

Marquis is thin and hard to hit but I don’t know much about him otherwise so I don’t know what to say.

I definitely wish Benedict had a stronger beginning helix setup because I love playing as him but he feels so sluggish an weak before level 4. He reloads and fires sooooo slowly.

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Mobility. Benedict is impossible to hit for most melee characters once he gets in the air while the only thing a Marquis can do is drop a haste/slow field. And thorn has already been explained by the others.

Mobility. everything what others have said plus while gliding you cant be hit with aoes like other characters

Not true @Toppi9000

I have been hit while gliding over Thorn, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Alani, and others AOE.

I read you can make the air time stack quickly if you glide from jump pad to jump pad w/o landing on the ground, and knock it over quickly. Unless it’s been patched.