Why does XP not carry over when ranking up?

As the title says, why does xp both for command rank and character rank not carry over when you rank up? It’s pretty frustrating when you are in the single digits from a rank up and then you get WAY more than you need, but it’s all gone to waste =(

It carries over for me.


It carries over for me too. Did you just happen to get almost exactly the right amount of XP to level up in your last match perhaps?

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Nope. This last time I was literally 2 xp from R14 with Orendi ended a match with 33 xp and the ‘xp’ wheel was completely empty. I’ve noticed this happen multiple times.

I’ll try and get some before and after screen shots the next time. I repeated it a couple times before making the post to make sure I wasn’t going crazy… but maybe I am? O_o

It could very well be a bug. I don’t seem to have this issue on the Xbox though.

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Allways carries for me on PS4.

Yeah I’m testing it again on a hero I haven’t played yet… I very well can be going crazy and just need more sleep. I’d be rather happy to be wrong but I’m pretty sure I’ve witnessed this a few times =\

You can see the animation again in Match History. If it behaves as you say, provide screenshots.

Yeah, it totally carries over.

So I looked through my match history and I see what is going on that made me think it wasn’t carrying over.

I’ve been going back and forth between 3 characters that I’m just about to master. They are/were R13 going into R14 and 2 of them were VERY close to ranking up. When I did rank up the new character rank circle had no blue fill in it so I assumed it did not carry over.

More due diligence on my end would have confirmed that it did. When viewing the character stats it most certainly shows the additional xp for that rank. What appears to be happening is that at these higher ranks where it takes much more xp to rank up, the XP circle doesn’t begin to fill until you have a certain amount of xp.

Below picture from match history.


As seen in the picture, I need an additional 379xp. Looking at stats, it takes 385xp to R15, so this match put me 6 xp into the new rank and the circle didn’t fill any.

No big deal, I just wasn’t paying enough attention I guess (though I feel it is slightly misleading to not give visual feedback)

A mod can close/delete this thread I guess as the post is not accurate. Sorry everyone!