Why does Zane have 2 american Flag skins and 0 Irish flag skins?

What the actual feck gearbox! Give Zane his fecking Irish flak skin!


There are more Irish people in america than in Ireland


He’s got to have a basic three colour skin you can switch to red white and green, right?

I tried a few different colors with zane and you can only really get two, the 3rd color is normally like the lining of his jacket. but still ZANE IS FROM SPACE IRELAND! he needs his Irish pride!

You’re right-er than I want to admit. cries in famine


More importantly, why does the one you buy from Earl ruin the Uncle Sam effect by making the hair dark?

Y’know, I’m getting pretty down on the negative posts here, but holy ■■■■ you nailed this one.



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“Too soon”

Orange white and green, because it’s about Protesta…

Goddamnit Arsonist why did you drag me in here!!! :rofl:


You know goddamn well why.

How can you enjoy your zane/zane slashfic without this skin!?!?!? If he doesn’t have this, then I be the lucky charms leprecaun doesn’t even come in for a threeway. He just watches. It’s sad.


You know Lucky is totes a furry. He’s all about Fruit Brute these days. It’s in all the cereal publications.

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As an Irishman, playing as an irishman, this seems like an odd omission.

Being Borderlands, is there a potato skin in the game? Highly offensive to some, but I’d get a laugh out of it.


At what point does it say that any of the characters in Borderlands were from Earth. I thought they were all from Pandora even in Borderlands 1? So they should not even have a stars and stripes skin but like most movies and books thats just the Americans boosting their egos :slight_smile:

My only regret is I can only like this once.

Discourse, you’ve failed me again.


Didn’t all the Vault Hunters arrive on Pandora from other planets? Borderlands 2, at least, provides Echo-delivered backgrounds for the characters that seem to indicate as much.


I cant remember now ive been on Pandora for so long i feel like i live there :slight_smile:

As a Brit I’m not sure I’m allowed to laugh, but I did anyway, expert work

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Well, felt a need to prove my anti-imperialist credentials, so mocked something up.

Handsome as hell. Tiocfaidh ár lá!


Very nice

I get your complaint. However that means we need flag skins for all of the Vault Hunter’s perceived nationalities…including a Robonica flag( from Futurama or some sort of Bender Bending Rodriguez flag for that matter.)