Why doesn't Alani unlock for my household?

I have the Deluxe Edition. Alain has unlocked for me, but it does not unlock for my son and wife. I’m not sure that I understand why? If I paid for the game, shouldn’t my family have the same experience? Thank you

Did they buy the Season pass or Deluxe edition?

A few things to take into consideration. Each person would need their own season pass per PSN or each person on their own PSN account would have to of played in the battleborn beta.

Though I cannot help you with your problem, I just wanted to say that your topic title has a typo - its Alani, not Alamo, it could confuse people :slight_smile:

I hope you´ll find some help arround here! :heart:

It is the Deluxe Edition and r everyone played the beta under their profile.

Xbox one

Thanks for pointing that out, hopefully there will not be any confusion…lol

Just don’t forget the Alamo.


I’m on xbox one and it is the same for me & my wife. I bought the digital deluxe edition but for her only the normal version is unlocked. There’s also another thread about this … so you’re not alone with the problem.

Thank you, I didn’t see the other thread. This is the only game I have ever had that has been this way. I hope they can fix this because it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like we can buy it again and put it on the same Xbox…lol!! The only thing I can figure is that they don’t have SHIFT accounts. The problem with that is my son can’t get a SHIFT account because it says he is not old enough. Still doesn’t make sense that it is not unlocked for them?

I thought the beta unlock key was for PS4 beta players only?

It unlocked for my character on xb1 just not my family.

this game doesnt ssve unlocked characters to the consoke. theyre already downloaded just not playable. consider it like league of legends or an mmo. if you buy a character or expansion, its not going to b for everybody, its purchased for that individual account not console like with a pc. just because your playing on the same console doesnt mean everybody gets the same stuff basically, they need to go in the in game store and ourchase their own season pass.

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If that is the case, and my son goes out and buys a game disc, how does the game know who should have things unlocked? In addition, it does not disclose that information. This is the only game I have ever purchased that works that way. There is no way that anyone should have to purchase a game more than once!! This sounds like a legal issue.:disappointed:

This is the first time I’ve experienced this with a game too, but I’m hearing it’s common with online functional games…

Have the one shared PS4 in this house, thankfully both got Alani as we played the beta and PS4 users recieved her that way even without the season pass…

But in order to get all the goodies of a season pass, each user within the household would have to make their own individual purchase…

Even though we mainly intend on playing co-op splitscreen…

Solo I understand the individual purchase thing…
But It’s almost like we are paying twice as much to play the same game together, haha…

Hence, haven’t bought a season pass yet… Because don’t know if making a double purchase, is actually within reason, when we play mainly together… Will eventually, as enjoying Battleborn however. Just sitting on it!

Okay so its like an mmo. you go out and buy WoW. you download it. You log in. Your son can dow,load it on a different computer with your disc, but it wont let him make his own account. He has to buy it himself.

This game is better than that, multiole accounts work on one copy (digital or disc) BUT bonus items are linked to an account. Not your console. An account. Nothing is saved to your console account wise, otherwise youd have offline gameplay (which we dont). Your son cant get digital deluxe stuff unless he buys his own stuff but gearbox is nice enough to only require one copy of the game for him to play it, with how the game is set up they could’ve required that, like Destiny i believe? Either way this is true for all solely online games.

Well it’s already fantastic that game sharing is allowed at all to be honest :wink:
Most of the time, it’s one person, one game. The game sharing thing on consoles and Steam is quite new and frankly, revolutionnary when it comes to digital / online games.

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It’s clear that I am much older than you guys. Haha!! Believe it or not, there was a time that you only had to buy one console and one game…lol. Either way, it is fine however they want to do it. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I like the game. He has already lost interest in it, so the question I posted doesn’t matter anyway. He went back to playing Battlefront because he said he didn’t care enough about the game to grind out money for new characters…lol Thanks for all the responses!!