Why doesn't Alani's torrents heal?

Let me say that I like Alani, or more specifically, how she’s built. I think she’s truly unique, but the one thing that has bothered me as of late is that I always wondered why Alani’s torrents don’t do the healing (say, 10% heal per hit on an ally).

I am the only one who has this idea? It makes sense to me that she should be able to heal through her torrent HITS, not through using it as a conduit to be able to cast a healing spell (osmosis). To me, it makes sense as it doubles everything up in the torrent skill. Instead of using torrent to build osmosis through damage, it could be used through healing allies as well.

Plus, it would make it less of a waste of my torrent if they end up hitting my allies instead. In that case, at least the torrent would heal them a tiny bit. It would remain the same (build osmosis through damage via torrent), it would also just heal allies.

Of course, I can see why this isn’t the case. What would be the point of having osmosis in the first place if you can just hit allies with the torrent skill to heal them?

Anyway, it’s just a rambling thought that has been rattling inside my head for a while and I thought I would see what others think of it?

Would it be a potentially good idea or would it spell disaster for our beloved healer?

[quote=“Ripley, post:1, topic:1540220, full:true”]Would it be a potentially good idea or would it spell disaster for our beloved healer?

I could see it being a helix option, as long as it’s more maintenance healing than actual reliable healing, but I don’t think it would work as a default mechanic. Alani is no slouch on the DPS front; even after the nerfs, I’m routinely the top DPS in groups as her (and top healing, and generally, lowest damage taken).

Keep in mind that Alani has options to get heals through Riptide or Geyser (at level 1, no less; so you’ve always got at least 2 ways to heal) as well as on Emergence. She’s got multiple ways to heal and doesn’t really need more than that.


Definitely. Like you said, if it was a mutation between healing through Riptide (which I like) or through Geyser, it could be a nice addition. Obviously, it wouldn’t need to be the main focus of her, as she’s built quite well in the first place.