Why doesn't Roland have any personality?

In Borderlands 1 when Roland spoke he had some character. In Borderlands 2 his new voice is so boring, it makes me not like him. Why did they change his voice?

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Probably has something to do with the fact that he’s a playable character in Borderlands Classic, and is only an NPC (all be it an integral one) in Borderlands 2.

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Either the original voice actor wasn’t available or they genuinely wanted a change…

Mordy’s voice is different too (different voice actor) but it’s not as drastic obviously.

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When you really think about it, a level headed, logical and calm guy is the most unique kind of guy on Pandora.


…except when Tina’s voicing him. Fo’ shizzle.


He had attitude; that is one thing he had in the first game. He wasn’t afraid to insult his enemies and had some interesting quips. I don’t like his voice in BL2 and TPS.

Roland and Mordecai got shafted in Borderlands 2 with Gearbox eventually changing Mordecai from the drunkard that no one liked if they had played BL1 previously back into his somewhat old self.

If Gearbox were to pull a joke and replace Roland with a hunk of wood wearing a beret I probably wouldn’t notice after a significant amount of time. That is how I feel about him; he is as emotional as a chunk of wood.

I am not sure why they made the change unless the voice actor was unable as mentioned earlier or they simply wanted to have him changed. If they wanted Roland to lose his sense of humor and become less emotional and more weary they got it right.


I was so upset when I heard Mordecai. His voice in BL2 just wasnt. Him. Julio Cedillio was Mordecai and his voice was unique and perfect in BL1.
Hearing Mordecai in BL2 breaks my heart a little every time. Even still.
Same for Roland.

I am hoping by some chance, they get Julio back to voice him in BL3.


So true.

That would be awesome.


Yeah, I just can’t hear New Roland going “critical hit, beyotch!” It would sound as natural as Captain Picard saying that, hehe.

At least Brick is the same, voice and personality-wise. There’s nothing like pounding a badass bruiser into red mist and having Brick dismissively mutter “…dumbass.”


I think it’s stupid and in poor taste when any video game company changes voice actors in a game series.

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Personally I think it (Roland’s voice, tone, and personality) shows character development. Think about his situation. He is now in charge of not only the resistance, but the lives and well being of hundreds of citizens whose shenanigans range fron idiotic to borderline treasonous.

Think about his falling out with Brick. After Brick’s dog was killed he wanted to declare war on Hyperion. Old Roland would have been down for that (albeit on a slightly more reserved level). New Roland, who has responsibilities, is much more reserved.

Just my $0.02.