Why doesn't the PS4 and the Xbox1 have any kind of physx like animations in them?

I was really hoping for some kind of physx engine running in The Hansom Collection. it really bummed me out that there wasn’t. I know it couldn’t be the exact engine like on PC but I was hoping for some kind of physics in the game.

Can you post a video of some action that should proc these sorts of physics? Like go to the start of Caustic Caverns, and toss a singularity grenade at the pool of water by the vending machines… I’m curious to see what the game looks like without Physx.

You can see the comparison here:
Especially the wind that moves the flags(with PsyxX) without it the flags are not waving:
PS4 vs PC Comparison


PS4/xbone can’t handle it if you want to be close to 60 yo.

I can understand that PS3 couldn’t handle it even at 30 fps it struggled dropping way below 15 or lower but Im pretty sure the PS4 could have handled some sort of landscape destruction from bullits or the slag when it hits the ground. I’m pretty sure that Nvidia owns the actual Physx engine that runs on PC but like I said there could have been something done to make it a little closer to PC. There are other games that run at 60 fps and have noticeable destructible and wind physics. Not a big deal I was just hoping to see a little change in that category.

It’s all got to do with money to be honest, they made a direct port for Borderlands from old gen to new gen, they did not apply new content or anything else, they just brushed up the graphics for PS4/XB1.
Applying PhysX on this game was not possible, maybe they are improving this on BL3, but nobody knows this for sure.

Oh wow… I mean, it’s just eye candy, but of all the available video settings, that makes a big difference.

HOT Loaders, when ambling around, leak a little fuel as Physx liquid from their flamethrower, that slops around with the swinging of their arm.
Tiny Tina, when she’s preparing to zap Flesh Stick, will skip in circles through the shock “fog” floating around the table, disturbing it with her steps.
Corrosive Goliaths’ vomit actually splashes around everything and drips down walls, flowing through the terrain irregularities.
That one broken pipe in Sawtooth Cauldron will drip and splash on enemies’ heads if they walk through it. Throwing a singularity grenade there will get everyone wet.

I turn down other video options so I can keep Physx on high (including antialiasing and bullet decals, for example). If I ever upgrade from a Core2Duo CPU, I may turn those back on. Still, at 1920x1200, the aliasing isn’t very noticeable.