Why doesn't this game work online?

I’m pretty pissed that when I bought this at my friends behest during Xbox’s summer sale. I guess my question is: can I have 1/2 my money back? I bought this specifically to play with my friend and just about everytime we try to play we get the crappy “check network” or “game full” or any of the other common connectivity problems. Or at least give me a shift code for a naught shield so I can continue.

I’ve had the same problems. My brother and I have that happened a bit. We do a hard reset on our XBox and even unplug. Sometimes it’s taken us 15-30 minutes of trying things until we can connect.

Also, making a public game and then the other searches matchmaking, refreshing till it shows up. If it’s unable to join then have your partner create a public game and try and join. It may take multiple refreshes to find a game. Once in game together you can switch it from public to private.

Hope that helps! It’s an amazing game and infinitely better with good friends.