Why doesn't Zane's clone use alternate fire modes?

When I use a Fire/Corrosion Maliwan weapon, for example, and create the clone while holding the Corrosive alternate firing mode, the clone is created with fire primary firing mode.
… Why?
Shouldn’t the clone be a 1:1 copy of you at the moment of cloning?

I guess it just makes things easier or that the Clone would otherwise possibly sometimes do really stupid things, like spawn in with an atlas weapon and keep on shooting the tracker and then waiting for it to go off-cooldown again. But yeah, I agree it would be nice if we could have him spawn in Maliwan weapons in the element you were holding, sticky mode on torgue weapons or bipod mode with Vladofs.

It probably would take a lot of work to implement that and make sure it worked properly. They would have to add code to the clone for each gun that has an alternative fire mod.

It would be great if they did that but I can’t realistically see that happening.

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They couldn’t just add code that says the clone spawns in with whichever mode the user has the gun set to?

That would suck if you had an Atlas weapon set to tracker mode. This was mentioned earlier in the thread.

They automatically go off tracker mode once you shoot and if it didn’t that’s what dopplebanger is for.

I think they make the clone equip a real copy of your gun and despawn it afterwards. So the gun’s naturally in its primary fire mode.

Well due to that I need to find TWO perfect Beacons instead of just one now, with the right damage, multiplier, Anoint and primary element. Even with the 100% boss drop up, this is taking forever.