Why don’t singularity grenades work against airborne enemies?

Nothing too terribly difficult - exactly what the subject states. I have searched this forum for a discussion of the topic of why singularity grenades do not affect airborne enemies, but I really have not found anything discussing it.

Does anyone have any theories as to why singularity grenades work only against ground-based enemies? Is there some lore reason for this? Or is it just that it was too difficult for the devs to program or maybe a specific design choice?

It seems to me that if something pulls enemies towards it with a singularity / black hole-type effect, it should affect ground-based and airborne enemies equally, no?

I noticed this when playing TPS today (there are more airborne enemies in TPS of course), but it struck me that this also is the case in BL2. Ideas as to why this is the case?


Most likely it will introduce unexpected behavior when coded like when phaselocking certain enemies. Lorewise, i don’t know because their engines/wings are stronger than the singularity? Lol

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