Why dont cloak reveal abilities work on pendles?

I’ve been using characters like orendi and marquis who have the ability to reveal clocked enemies yet no matter what i do pendles remains cloaked, yes when i was playing as orendi I used the shadow pillar which is supposed to reveal cloaked enemies yet the pendles on the other team remained cloaked even when he walked into the attack. Even with marquis, he remains cloaked, is this some kind of bug or something?

With Orendi, I think it is no longer the Pillar that reveals but Orendi herself gets a ring around her and if they walk within that ring they are revealed. I have had it used on me as pendles and it revealed me, its not a very large area though.
Marquis’ owls seem to be hit and miss on whether they reveal or not, I have had similar issues.

I have not seen a ring when i cast it

I have only seen the ring when the devs did the livestream of the update when they added it to her helix, They were in spectator mode. But I have been revealed when walking too close to orendi before, I had to get pretty close to her though.

I see, so at this time, its kind a worthless since i thought it revealed them around the shadow pillar, now i found out its withen a few inches of her. That’s a bit of a waste if you ask me.

Once Orendi’s find the distance they can be a real pain, but I’ve ran into exactly 1 orendi that was able to be annoying enough that I just avoided her that match. After I avoided her yea it was pretty useless.

Half the reveal things don’t even reveal they just outlined.

Marquis Owl and Sunspot are the only two I know actually remove him from stealth.

Really? I have been using Ambra lately and I use the sunspot reveal & from the times I have seen Pendles run into the range, it only leaves an outline. It has never removed him from his stealth.

Stealth/reveal mechanics are pretty buggy is this game. Just nobody really noticed until Pendles

It doesn’t really appear, from what I’ve seen. Just stay the hell away from Orendi, she cray.

Ambra’s reveals work too, btw. The only one that doesn’t work on Pendles is Toby’s scope reveal.

No one uses that ability on Toby.

Yeah, the same way no one used reveal on ambra or orendi before Pendles was added.

Yeah, then again from what I heard, it only works within a small area around orendi that its borderline useless. In otherwords, they literally have to be attacking orendi in order to be spotted.

Trust me, it’s a decent range. Besides, if you know what to look for the cloak is f*cking useless.

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I’ve been playing Ambra lately, and both of her skills reveal Pendles, no problem.

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I’m talking about Orendi