Why don't Ghalt's mines remain active after death?

I noticed last night that Ghalt is the only character who’s non melee skill disappears as soon as he dies. Mellkas poisoning lingers after death, Reyna’s O shields don’t disappear upon death, Mikos mushroom station lingers for a bit after he dies. The only one Im not sure of is Kleeses rifts because I never play him.

I know this has happened to other Ghalt players. Your fighting it out with a player or 2 your doing a good job of distributing damage, your opponents HP is low and your trying to lure them onto your invisible mine. You know your about to die but their HP is soo low and you know that all you need is for one of them to step on that mine and its KO (or at least an assist when your teammates finally show). Your like I know Im gonna die but at least I can take them w/ me right? Nope! Because as soon as you die your perfectly healthy mine is now instantly gone and as the life leaves your virtual body you see them step right on the spot your mine was .5 seconds ago and dream of what could have been.

I know there are other characters that need more immediate attention but please GBX consider having G mans mines linger for a second or 2 after his death. Its only fair especially when I can kill an Alani and still get caught in her bubble, or an Ambra and still die from a sunspot seconds later.

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Kleese rifts disappears as soon as he dies.

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…As do Ambra’s Sunspots.

Functionally I “guess” this works, but I do wish at least in the Story Missions they would not vanish if you could still be revived by your teammates…

Then it would be total BS and OP and anyone with one oucne of sense would know it.
Ghalt lays 4 mines but got killed so now you have to account for 3-4 invisible mines still up.

Him losing mines on death is PUNISHMENT FOR DYING. I think Toby’s shield doesn’t disappear either but it’s basically a non-skill…

Ghalt and OP in the same sentence is pretty hilarious to me. But having them linger for one sec would not break anything.

If you die any on field deployables by you die no exceptions.

By your logic Whiskey and Mike grenades should die with them as well right? EXCEPT they don’t. So apparently there are EXCEPTIONS.

Grenades aren’t deployables. they have limited lifespan.

Agreed. All skill-based structures vanish immediately on death, including rifts and sunspots, as already pointed out. Zero reason Ghalt should be any different.

Except Ghalts are the only ones that have to be triggered so yea it kinda should.

Marquis disagrees.

What would be broken is if a stun that had already been applied broke immediately on his death. The mines work like everything else.