Why don't Shift keys work

I try the code but it doesn’t work when I’m on the pre sequel. Does anyone know why?

Check out the orcz site for working shift keys:

edit: TPS codes

edit: BL2

Make sure you’re using a code for the right platform.

Make sure you’re choosing a key that they list as “works” and not something that is listed as “expired”.

Doublecheck you entered it right.

That’s BL2. This is the TPS news forum.

I edited to add TPS

I did the PC shift codes and nothing is showing up in the repository did not get the jack o cannon, the boomercorn (got the skins) and the most recent the machine sniper, shift says it is available but not there.

If it’s anything like my issue (couldn’t redeem loyalty rewards and free codes on social media, but not keys) I got your fix. This is an issue in Borderlands 2 with the compatibility ON THE 360. Before I go any further, I promise this will NOT hurt any of your save files or anything. What you have to do is delete all the compatibility files in your system storage and then also clear your cache. Then redownload everything and you should be good. Hope this helps :slight_smile: