Why don't squad 5's play squad 5's?

Just got pubstomped 3 times in a row to 5 premade meta built perfectionist groups. We had 1 kill up until the surrender marks at 8 minutes in 9 minutes in and for whatever reason 15 minutes in

Because that matchmaking feature is not implemented, I’m sure it is something they are looking into.

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You realize how long the queue times would be for that though? 5 man premades are pretty rare so they would be stuck in like 20 minute queues. The player base is far too small to do something like this for now


If you didn’t notice already, players can’t choose which teams they go up against. I’d greatly prefer fighting teams of 5, but more often than not my high ELO team fights several players that aren’t grouped.

Maybe you should team up with someone? Playing this game is a LOT more fun with friends.

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Exactly people say all premades are just looking to pub stomp but me and my friends don’t just sit there and say “let’s go wreck these scrubs” and fight a bunch of level 25 and below pugs…

I do understand the sentiment to not want to play premades. I know not all premades are bad, looking to pubstomp, or are inherently better. Most of my bad experiences have been against 5 man premades though, and I imagine everyone else faces similar problems. We tend to remember the bad more than regular experiences.

5 man premades have also been the jerkiest to play against. They are the only ones I’ve gotten those stupid “how’s that ass feel?” Kind of messages.

So are all 5 man premades bad? No. Are my worst experiences with 5 man premades? Yes.


I hate those types of premades as well trust me. I send out gg messages to those I fight because I know it’s tough to fight a team that has better coordination and teamwork. The premades fighting premades won’t work right now though since the player base is pretty small and the queues would take literal eternity

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Yeah Arcane, the amount of players on this game is bumping and about only 5% of those are competent. Feel free to add me if you need another competent person. GT is Rikidus.

I definitely agree. Few games have a large enough playerbase to create a non party queue. many, much healthier than Battleborn, games don’t because of the reality of matchmaking times.