Why don't they just, you know, move away? (Possible spoilers)

Okay so the joke is just if all these people don’t like the borderlands, why don’t they just super warp to a new planet that doesn’t suck, like the Innerlands. Just magic yourself a huge spaceship, grab your friends and warp to a maliwan colony near Jupiter or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that joke got me thinking:

In spite of the BL3 story struggling in terms of character development/dialogue (imho), I think the BL universe has a lot of potential and could exist far outside of the current iteration of games.

One neat idea I keep mulling is that there might not really be any inner worlds. These gigantic corporate monopolies basically call every planet they own a borderland, allowing them to treat the citizens and trade according to a less regulated system. This is why Maliwan sees invading a foreign planet as a merger. It’s also why Atlas in general Knox just invades Pandora to “fix” the problems Dahl left behind (I think it was Atlas, right?).

There’s some interesting lore that could go into how, say, Maliwan or Jacobs handle trade on planets they own and how they don’t report to any central government on an inner world. It’s also a reason why there are no real planets with self-autonomy or central government.

In skywell, you’re given a side quest to disrupt the maliwan/bandit alliance by a loyal atlas soldier who spends his last breath fighting maliwan. That’s not the voice of an employee, but a loyal citizen who had no life outside of the supposed borderland, which also happened to be the atlas hub planet.

Anyway, what do you think and what aspects of the lore do you find interesting?