Why don't we get a lvl 1 weapon?

Why don’t we get a lvl 1 weapon at a new character? Dosen’t make any sense. In the video we see how flak headshots everyone, but at lvl 1 he dosen’t have a sniper.
I don’t understand. They sell it to marcus?

do u mean like why dont we get starter guns like in bl1?

i think its to teach new players abt the different types of guns. start off with a basic pistol, then shiv gets u a shotgun, etc.

I mean… Borderlands 1 also had that weapon mastery system where you would become better at using a weapon type the more experience you gained with it equipped, so it made sense that every character would start out with the weapon type they were meant to use.

Inconsistency with the starting intro was also a thing in Bl2 where Axton had a Maliwan Rocket Launcher and Salvador had two Vladof Assault Rifles that they then wouldn’t have at the beginning of the game (I guess an argument could be made that those guns were lost in the train crash though).

I guess in the end it’s mostly about giving you a consistent tutorial no matter what character you started with. If Fl4k started off with a Jakobs sniper, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for the game to talk about firing modes and there’d also be a risk for new players to run out of ammo.

Are you sure you aren’t thinking about those gearbox weapons you got from something? I dont remember if it was like a pre-order thing or if it was for one of the special editions.

I think they figure that if players have guns immediately, they might be too preoccupied with playing around with them to pay proper attention to the more basic things the designers want to communicate, like how to use the echo, how to vault over obstacles, and so on. Plus, when they finally introduce a gun a little later in the game, cl4ptrap can point out the Vladof alternative fire feature at a time when the player is more likely to be paying attention.

For 99% of players this staggered, extra cautious approach to introducing game mechanics is probably unnecessary and possibly a little annoying. But if it prevents the other 1% from missing something important that impedes their progress/enjoyment later down the track, then the designers probably figure it’s worth it.

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In bl 1 we have a similar begining, but our character have a weapon.
In pre sequel every character got an uniq weapon. Auriel had purple weapon, because she is rich
In bl 2 at the begining is tottaly normal if we don’t have anything. From the story prespective it’s makes sense.
In bl 3 we kill a lot of bandit in the video, then we go with marcus. After that we don’t have weapon. It’s dosen’t makes any sense.

Well I mean they could have done some of the other starts you seen in other games where you got to play a super easy tutorial at max level armed with uber OP gear then plot hole you into forgetting all your experience and somehow losing all your stuff… >.>

Ah like darksiders one. I like that game.