Why dose vehicle hp scale up with Mayhem mode?

I bring up this question because vehicle HP scaled with Mayhem Mode now. I’m sure tons of us knew the pain of the absolute crap that was end game vehicle health scaling. I am a bit confused as to why they didn’t simply re scale the health for max level?

I mean I guess because enemies have less HP without Mayhem its easier to kill them before you vehicle takes the few hits it can take but regardless it still feels like it made of paper mache. Why not just do what you did to Iron bear and the pets and increase its minimum health values at level 50?


To Be Honest, vehicle scaling has been wonky going all the way back to the original Borderlands 10 years ago. Vehicle health and damage output should fully scale with players, but Gearbox has never gotten it working right In My Opinion. Some vehicles are better than others, for sure, with the original game’s Monster Truck being the best vehicle I’ve ever personally driven in any of the games, but even that gets taken out too easily compared to what I think it should be.

But as always, Your Mileage May Vary! :wink: :+1:

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One thing I never understood was why in BL2 the vehicles got Amp damage form shields like the Bee XD I mean in OP vehicles where god damn useless UNLESS the driver had a Bee equipped then it could take on anything easily. Buzzers gone, bandits gone, beasts gone. It was actually funny how this was never addressed in any fashion.

Like vehicles play better on M3 then they do in TVHM or on M1. You would think they would treat vehicles like Iron bear and balance all there HP pools based on the damage they receive rather then balancing them around enemy Heath pools. The same problem we had on M3 before still existed on TVHM without Mayhem mode active… like what? Mayhem mode can increase enemy damage but that is not garinteed. Normally it’s just HP values.