Why draft Pendles?

I really don’t understand what the infatuation is with him. Last night on XB1 I played about 5-6 games of draft mode, and the opposing team picked Pendles in every game but one. Not with the last pick where we couldn’t produce a counter pick after, he was going early. Twice he got picked after our team already had orendi and ambra. The worst part is, it wasn’t new players doing it. I just really don’t get it. Mostly incursion that I play, and he routinely goes absurdly negative or just never appears at all and our team has a field day with the advantage in lane. Am I missing something? Can somebody please explain why he is being prioritized so much?


He’s one of the best tormentors and can help the team a lot by keeping defenses down.

The other team doesn’t know how to draft maybe? Or maybe the person just really wanted to play pendles no matter what.

Pendles is great I like him a lot but I admit I rarely see people play well with him or take advantage of what he can do. His injection slow did get a buff last update

I saw MANY teams actually ban Pendles. I just laughed and we all went ahead to ruin their team comp

Played quite a few games with Pendles in it yesterday. Last game I played Pendles ended with 19 kills. He got buffed that wasn’t in the patch notes

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In high-level play, against a team with at least 3 different reveal Helix choices (between Ambra and Orendi), the most utility Pendles has is stealing shards, keeping buildables up, and spamming Elite bots. That can definitely help your team, but more often than not I see Pendles players try to outflank a tightly-knit team in Incursion, get revealed, and then descended upon by a pack of feral scalewolves. I don’t get the fascination either.

I saw this last night too, and they even took reveals later on. I think maybe some teams (or randos) need to acclimate to the Draft modes better.

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This doesn’t really apply to high level play with drafting. Unless the team intends to draft around that, which is a waste in most pubs, then the enemy team will usually have a field day counter picking with reveals and hard CC that can shut Pendles down when he attempts to flank.

When Pendles is countered hard, he has to rely a lot on backstage work like base destruction, minion denial and economy starving, which is very unreliable and leaves the lane in a 4v5 in Incursion.

Pendles can work in draft mode, but he requires a lor more teamwork than the typical lone wolf flankers you see in pub matches, which most pick up teams can’t or won’t do.

Edit: Drafting is fairly new, and it will take a little while for most ‘random’ players to get used to it, or filter out. Things will settle down in a month or two as people get used to the drafting environment.

Does anyone know if the draft mode sorts by ELO? Because that’s rather critical to a proper draft mode. Drafting in high level play is very different from low level play due to the gap in knowledge and application.

I could understand meltdown (because he is an amazing assassin in it) but.
Incursion is odd to me

Unless it’s monuments

Either his DPS is higher or the extended slow is letting him power up FoB faster, because I’m seeing Pendles regularly tear through teams now, even people he has no business killing like Ghalt or Galilea. The reduced range of Marquis owls contributes too, I’m sure.

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He got a stealth buff. Injector slow is 4 seconds and potent venom adds 2 seconds if choosen making it a 6 second slow. Also his injector DOT helix got nerfed a bit

A birdy told me that Benedicts reload glitch is back too :-/. I don’t play him so can’t confirm it

Pendles can be devastating when up against a team that doesn’t counter his stealth well. I used to main him and I played him very aggressively. Unlike many other bad players I used to take enemies down from 100-0 a lot of times and not leave my team vulnerable on 4v5 while going to destroy the buildables on the enemy base.

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“Pendles can be devastating when up against a team that doesn’t counter his stealth well.”

In other words, bad teams?


Not necessarily. It can also be teams of good players not playing the top tier characters or Marquis in this game.

His 1v1 damage is stupid high when he gets his ult and he basically runs a meltdown game or did if you saved him for a last pick. On Incursion he’s only really good against squishy teams because he needs to be able to kill someone within 3 seconds or he usually gets blown up. I’m not saying he’s a first or second pick by any means but if you draft him last when the other team can’t counter he can be a very solid pick.

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True but don’t underestimate a good Pendle player that stack attack speed and attack on him. Pendles is a burst/dps beast with such stats.

Oh I know his damage exceeds Phoebes per hit If i recall but 400 damage each injection every 3 seconds is just stupid when coupled with said damage and his ult. Against tanks he’s not so useful though…

He is once he gets to level 7 I think. The helix to make him jump higher than usual. Jump on top of tank heads and do constant critical hits. Tanks melt

The issue with tanks is all of them posses hard CC which pretty much nets them a free kill in coordinated play so unless you wait for them to engage your just going to be feeding the enemy team. On meltdown most of the tanks were banned so it gave a little wiggle room to jump on the squishy characters in the other lane. It’s a little harder on Incursion since when you jump one it’s usually 1v5 situation and if the tank stuns you that’s it, no counter play. Against randoms it’s much different as they don’t communicate when one of them gets jumped so your free to keep jumping them usually.

It’s not just about 1v1, in Incursion one of the biggest errors that gets people killed is overextending chasing a kill. Following them into a base or way out of position. Pendles, I put second only to Melka and Caldarius for safely diving in to finish and getting out.

A Pendles that can manage to disrupt/build and still find the time to harass and finish is worth his place. It’s just unfortunate not many Pendles players manage their in game time well enough to accomplish this.

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