Why draft Pendles?

True. However, as Pendles you need to be aware when certain characters have used their cc skills and have it on cool down. Tanks shouldn’t be engage unless they are outnumbered or last from the teams. Pendles does melt tanks once he gets the helix to jump higher but of course it’s not just a matter of going up to the tank and jump on top.


Now that I remember it was because of this that I got accused of “cheating” and “damage mod” by 2 different tank players. The good old days. Pendles was a lot of fun but Rath is even more fun for me.

This exactly, pendles in meltdown makes total since because he can actually do what he’s best at, but incursion is an odd choice to me because he basically becomes nothing more than a saboteur, which an aware team will punish, I can only see effective play on monuments

Unless the Marquis Lvl 2 mutation was nerfed to unusablility, Marquis is still the best counter to Pendles as there is a way to set your owls up in a way where Pendles cannot approach any of the main exits without being revealed.

i probably have one of the higher amounts of time played among the community. I have yet to see a good pendles player. I have seen good players play pendles and do well, but they do well with anyone. That does not make pendles viable, that makes the operator superior to a great extent. Pendles sucks lol. Three of the short list of squishies he can harass are the very ones that take him out of the game…

Why on earth would anyone pick pendles when they see an orendi already drafted on the other team? I make it a point each and every time without exception to take him out of the game. Even if a stronger character is available and I am at the bottom of the list to draft, I will pick marquis just to take pendles out of the game because of how badly his character design conflicts with my concept of competition

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Pendles got several meta buffs lately. The reduction in detect range for owls means Marquis no longer counterpicks him as hard, and on a team with Beatrix he’s devastating as P0 both gets his Flurry of Blows up to max speed nigh instantly and, taken with life steal, gives him nasty sustain. He can also easily chase down Outbroke enemies and kill them while they’re trying not to pass the virus to each other. The increased slow means he doesn’t have to stack movement gear to effectively kill players again.

Pendles and meta in the same sentence. cringe

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HEY pendles is awesome

At least Pendles gets in the spotlight… unlike Whiskey! OH THE BURN!

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I’ve seen Overdrive with P0 in the backseat. Anyone that still thinks Whiskey isn’t a problem hasn’t been melted in 1.7 seconds.

I’d rather whiskey’s potential be a well kept secret. I pray that my opponents keep picking Pendles, I enjoy when our team has map control the entire game.

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I don’t see much potential in that character. Sure his damage can be high just like Pendles but that’s pretty much it. He needs to hide behind his teamates at all times to be any help.

I love when he is picked. It is always free kills for me and my pug team if they are anywhere decent. Then again my conception can be wrong due to the fact I haven’t met a single good Whiskey player (just like Kelvin).

Once again, I love it. Let the scrub whiskeys keep getting stomped to keep his numbers down.