Why even bother with melee?

TFW for the 4th time, they make a game with melee specific builds… AND BOSSES THAT CANT BE DAMAGED BY MELEE.


Some weapons scale off melee damage.

“Some”? There’s more than one?

facepuncher and thunderball fists


WAIT WHA!?! Which guns? please anyone tell me, I keep getting stuck at graveward on my Amara.

There is the face puncher which shoots like a gun but does melee damage though I’m not sure if there are others. But yeah these will always exist in games - just like Bunker was a pain with melee Zer0 for me.

But it is doable. Challenging but doable. Anointed weapons and relics that buff melee, I think you could be able to do it.

Damage isnt the issue, it’s range. however, now knowing I can use guns based off my melee damage, I’ll be fine.

dude, thank you so much! I think i even have a fp in bank!

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It might depend who you’re using. I haven’t delved too much into Amara as she didn’t really interest me but there is an ability where you can project her special skill? I’ve seen people destroy Graveward instantly with it.

she’s got three different action skills, i prefer the phaseslam as its high damage short range suits my melee build, and usually my annointed buffs are for phaseslam, not phasecast. the good melee buff (200%) annointment only procs on phaseslam end, not on action skill end. phasecast annointement is for gun damage, but a 300% buff if i recall

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Aaah I see! My first was Zane as I loved his personality then I did Moze and Fl4K for OP goodness. Been meaning to try Amara for some time and had debated melee only for fun :smiley: I’ll try to remember these!

Your go-to weapon for a melee amara is the buttplug, obtainable very early on from the “kill the holy dumptruck” quest. (pick up from ellies garage right after you set up CaR) just make sure you put a bullet in his poopschute when he spawns.

also keep an eye out for purple shields that have te base 80% when shields depleted, and the 200% melee annointment. i got one at lvl 21 and it carried me to 50, when i got a brawler ward (+300% melee when depleted)

Yes, but they are legs & may not drop in your entire story playthough. There should either be a class of guns that convert melee damage to guns, or every mob can be melee-able.

Melee Amara is fun. But if you cant reach the boss with your melee attacks, dont bother. Face Puncher will NOT make up for it compared to her other builds. Dont get me wrong, it can be great with the right gear, but dont expect to melt unreachable bosses with it. If you’re on PC just copy the Amara save file and make a dedicated boss killer. If you havent finished the game yet, then id suggest using a different build until you have finished the game. Switch to melee when you got the gear and you know what content you’ll do with it. Heres a video of me doing Round 5 in Slaughter Shaft TVHM Mayhem 3 with melee Amara. Not very fast and efficient compared to some other builds, but its fun, if melee is something you enjoy.

Yeah Ive done 3 playthroughs with melee amara so far, and i always end up respecing to elemental guns for the gw fight. as for not fast and efficient i think you arent using ti as well as you could. provided melee isnt getting nerfed by mayhem, im usually running around with about +800% melee damage, dropping eveything that isnt a boss in 1 or 2 hits, as well as clearing crowds with my action skill every 10 seconds.

Well I now wanna see what a TBF can do. This might be the thing I need for my Tsunami Dragon build

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Isn’t that the point of specialised builds? That they are superior in some situations but inferior in others?

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Also just sometimes fun


Oh, that video is 2 weeks old, so the build and gear is better now. I was just comparing it to some builds that can do all 5 rounds in 15 minutes or under. I dont think its possible with a melee Amara.

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Don’t have too much melee fun.

Nerfbox might attack melee Amaras next.

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