Why even have a Beta

The community overwhelmingly agrees that Ambra and Galilea are completely overpowered. This isn’t something new, this was identified weeks ago during the beta and yet the developers haven’t changed anything. The quickest way to lose a Fanbase is to ignore major issues that they bring to light. It is things like this that are going to send people to overwatch, and yes I know it is a different style game, but it Will attract the same kind of players

But… Ambra had a day one nerf. And it was a sweeping nerf at that…

They can’t be nerfing and buffing characters left and right. Nerfs and buffs if actually needed will come with other updates.

There are also more pressing matters to fix, balance can’t be the number one priority when a lot of people can’t even play the game.


dude calm down,.we australian players are still having connectivity issues:/
cant even play the game without error


Galilea maybe but Ambra has been put down, so much so that I don’t even see her being picked in pvp.

Also galileas damage output was significantly reduced in the beta, does she need more tweaking?
sure so does ISIC and some people argue Marquis and Thorn aswell.

The approach to finetune a character is atleast in my oppinion better for balancing than nuking any potential a character has with an extreme nerf.

Why even use a passive aggresive hyperbole forum thread to get your message across, it just furthers a negative outlook on a fun game that is, like all online games, a constant work in progress


Galilea maybe…

But if you think Ambra is STILL over powered? You might wanna get some more practice in dude.

And why in the world would you say devs havent done anything…Ambra AND Galilea were nerfed during the Beta…and Ambra was nerfed again since then.

https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209786543-PlayStation-4-Update-Hot-Fix-Information. Bookmark this if you want to stay up to date with balance changes.


Personally I don’t think Ambra is OP.
People accuse me of being OP as Thorn when I use Blight with my Ult but that’s a great design.

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I’m more concerned that the connectivity issues Australians are having were already mentioned several times during beta but are still not fixed. In fact barely any of the issues brought up during open beta were resolved.

Just look at the topics in this forum and the beta, they’re practically identical. Why have a beta if you aren’t going to fix issues that the beta testers discover?


I’m sorry, this is untrue.

They write it down, but what they actually mean is “I don’t know how to deal with a [good] [Galilea] player” and / or “teamwork with Galilea and XY destroys me”. She has a very clear kit, but you must know the weak spots to play against her. Don’t feed her early kills. Lookup the helix and a build, it’s clear very fast that you just need to either don’t let her keep 100% of her health and/or bait the stun. after that, she’s just a melee with no gapcloser, no cc and below average damage, which you can kite easily. Ofcourse good Galilea players will not invite you to make her useless, and ofcourse if there’s a good support tailed behind her, that’s a whole other story. But pair a good support with anyone, it will be like that.

all those posts after 6 days of release demanding nerf X, nerf Y, I bet you haven’t even played all the battleborn characters from release and already want nerfs. this is the only thing that’s wrong entirely, but it will never stop.

And Ambra on the other side, in what possible way is she op again? I saw a handful maximum, and I played up to 37 mostly in PvP.

If you indeed seek CoD style of gameplay, I fear BB is not the game for you anyways, regardless of buffs / nerfs to X or Y. BB is a teamgame, and it shows in early pvp. apart from cheesing strategies there’s just a tiny chance that good teamwork will not win against lone-wolfing.


All right so I hadn’t had a chance to play Ambra yet, and I can see that they definitely did nerf her. And for there to still be connectivity issues isabsurd. #Overwatch fixed their conductivity issues in a day during the beta. It’s obvious to see who cares more about their community. But my statement still stands for Galilea.

Ambra op? I think your a few days late on you info ambra not op she really balenced now her staff has low damage low range cant crit but auto aim and life steals so its balenced.
Then made many changes during the beta a few buffs and few nerfs the only character thats ops is gal.
There was a whole list of things they did but guessing you didnt see it or did very little research before making this i see if i cant find it for you.

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I don´t want to play down that you may have an issue with both characters balancing, but this must be the 20th topic that has a “Re-De-Nerf-Buff-Ambra & Nerf-Gal”-theme. Its a bit redundant, this discussion is running on at least 5 other threads atm and about 6 others got closed the last two weeks…
Here one of those: Galilea is not fun to go up agasint

As for the topic itsef: Yes, both are powerfull. Orendi is powerfull too. Caldarius in the right hands wrecks everything and even WF is a badass OP-monster when a gamer has the jive to play him right.
If you can´t win against Gal, then her player just does a really annoyingly good job. Frustrating, but not an issue of Gal´s balancing.

I suck with Ambra & Gal, while I push hard damage with Orendi. My fiance plays Thorn godlike, I´m always lowest DD when I tried her. Means:
Just because some player plays a character good it does not mean that they are OP, they just play that certain char decently.
Also there were already alot of changes on Ambra over CCT & Beta, and I´m sure GBX will closely observe every character and they´ll make tweaks if necessary.

Plus: Online games with such a huge number of Characters/skills/Gear that can change the gameplay are a neverending project. There will be changes all along.
Was World of Warcraft FINISHED or balanced at any point? Its a work-in-progress eversince, like most big online-games.


you seem to compare big collossus (Blizz) with a small company (GBX). the difference in staff and budget would mesmerize you, that I guarantee.

I suck with gal, period. If I could still cheese-win with her while playing bad, then she would be OP. But she isn’t. It requires skill and effort, be it from your team or from playing many matches and matchups to really let her shine.

is any hero I’m good with OP now? or any hero someone else absolutely fits? if Miko and Kleese support Montana, would you call for a Montana nerf? He has 2 stuns even. See where this goes?


NOW Ambra is a real support, but Galilea is still overpowered, I agree with that.
She can stun, heal, disappear, silence and pull enemys, can shoot, is quick, makes to much damage and more.

I think that Galilea is going to be a bit tricker/harder to figure out when it comes to balancing. She has a lot of abilities with really great synergy that make her rather deadly. What do you change without breaking her character? The devs have certain things in mind with Galilea.

Ambra was a support character but wasn’t playing as such. She was able to tank and to destroy entire teams with ease and has since gone through several adjustments to bring her back into line with what the developers had intended. They identified a few problem areas and made the necessary changes. She may still need a few more tweaks up or down (or both) as she may not be in the best place but close to it, but the devs are going to wait for the data to come back before they can know that.

As for Galilea she’s a little more complex and so it’s going to take a bit longer to pin her down. They made the more obvious fixes but what remains is a little more complicated as it may require actual changes to her Helix and not just a simple adjustment of the numbers which can be done in a hotfix through SHiFT. This means we may have to wait until a content patch.

Through SHiFT they can do a lot of simple stuff like adding things to the menus (like they did when they added in the Prologue as a replayable mission) or changes to the numbers (like with many of the character balance changes). Changes like altering the terrain on Overgrowth so that the sentry can no longer be sniped from the other teams base or altering the Helix tree on a character are things that need to be added in a content patch.


Nyahhhh with Orendi I can do all these things too, more or less. The disappearing part aside of course, but movement & taking cover at the right moment works too, at least in PvE.

At all, if GBX just would jump in to nerf her down at 2nd day after launch everyone would complain and cry even more. Its better to wait and observe the issue to see if its really bound on Gal´s balancing or far more an issue of players skills & attitudes.

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Do you realize that Ambra got hit by 30% nerf on almost everything ?

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Amen! Compared to Ambra in the Beta she seems even weaker/slower than in the CTT now.

Well Gali is a Tanky Defender lol…Orendi can be focused down pretty easy as she is very squishy. Hence the balance


I’ve only played about 300 pvp matches or something and have yet to be “afraid” of an Orendi player, or MOST of them in fact. Galilea is consistently the greatest threat (except maybe Ghalt sometimes!) and requires constant attention and pressure, cant just assume its a newbie trying to ride the FOTM train to easy-win-ville. Good players can do good with bad characters but they can do better with good characters. Lets stop pretending that this is somehow the first and only competitive PvP game in history to be balanced on launch. Balance issues should be expected, for a long long time. Cant just “L2p scrub” at everything

Of course, if she takes to much at once its over in seconds, but I had about 11 missions (PvE) so far in which I took more damage in without death than my teammates Gal & Montana.
It could be a pure PvE-phenomenon of course, but so far Nullify´s augment to fuel Orendis shields at instant made her tankier than I ever imagined.
(It could be a big portion luck + lucky movement too^^)