Why even play an assault character?

When the healers in this game do more damage, have better abilities and have the ability to heal themselves and their team mates?

Lol healers do less damage. Attackers also just got a buff against ai. If you are going by the final screen with total damage dealt you are messing up

If you wanted to make a case of poor attackers you should have used tanks in your example

What characters are you having trouble dealing damage with?

Pre-Patch I might have agreed, Alani and Kid Ultra put out a lot of damage and had amazing utility…after the last patch? Not even close. Attackers can now put out a huge amount of damage due to their 15% blanket buff.


Wow, i haven’t seen YOU in a while… Welcome back, friend!


Because Rath in an assault character. Reason enough.



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Only Assault character is Caldarius.

Rath is a Support parading around as an attacker.


haha…welcome back chode :slight_smile:

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Because I knew I wanted to play this game, but needed one character to really get attatched to. Then, out of the snowy skies of bliss dropped a bird and his rocket launcher and I was like “I’m ■■■■■■■ getting that game.”


i dunno me personally just played a few games after coming back. I played a few games as rath… was alright but feels like hes got nerfed quite a bit since i last played… (HE SEEMS SLOWER AND HIS ULT DOES NO DMG NOW)

played oscar mike and i had very nice KD ratio but just felt… HARD TBH… its almost as if u gotta play perfect with him just to be decent. (you have to have insane accuracy, unlike alani who shoots giant waterballs)

But then i played a game as Alani…

did 100k dmg, 45k healing, was so much easier and fun, sick dmg, EPIC heals… so much more fun than assault… because i was also doing sick sick dmg and being able to keep my team alive at the same time… something assault guys ■■■■ do no matter how good they are.

Ill keep playing, i love this game… but TBH its not as fun as it used to be. I hope you can understand.

A healer doing 90% of the dmg a dmg character does is kinda weird. in 1v1 situation it is extremely unfair

basically a healer can do everything an assault guy can, but way way more on top.


You’ve been gone quite a while right? I think I remember you from the forums from maybe July or around that time? I think maybe you’re just rusty.

You’ll have to check with Blaine about Rath nerfs.

As for supports your end numbers aren’t taking a lot of things into account. A support can easily have a high total damage (what’s on the end screen) without having a high dps. Alani attacks to build osmosis to heal, uses her skills on minion waves (not smart enough to step out of an aoe), and can stay in lane. An attacker/assasin has to reposition, setup /secure kills, protect their support/tank depending, attack minions, retreat to heal station or teleport to base if needed. That leaves a lot of time not actually attacking. A lower dps support can easily end up with a higher total damage dealt than a higher dps attacker/assasin depending on what they do. Give it some time and see if you still feel the same

Even Miko can get those numbers and I don’t believe he has changed since you last played. Other than the indirect nerf of not getting a blanket buff like the other classes.


Frankly, OP, you’re just rusty, like Keadron said.

There is no way in Solus that Alani could out-DPS a Rath and win in a 1v1 scenario with two equally skilled players. And Alani is one helluva solo fighter. I mean Rath could just knockup, crossblade/ult and Alani is done for.

Miko and Alani could not outdamage Ghalt, Oscar, Foxtrot, Thorn, Caldarius, Orendi, Rath, and a whole slew of other attackers. Seriously dawg.


Deande is an attacker, therefore I have a reason to play assault characters.

Not when you use Calculated Risk on Deande.

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Kleese bouncy mortars do it at range though… :stuck_out_tongue:(kidding)


Could not outdamage in 1v1 situations or endgame when all the stats are totaled? There are often times when support gets top damage dealer in the lobby (Alani’s, KU, etc) where the attack characters don’t hold much of a flame to total damage compared to them, depending on whom is playing whom. The numbers, hopefully, will start fluctuating back towards this attackers being top damage dealers with their buff towards minions, though the nerf to target fingers on characters that aren’t heavily reliant on skills should put Thorns and Orendi’s back into ■■■■■■■■■■ top damage dealer in the lobbies (hypothetically of course).

Top damage dealt is easily got by supports (read above for details)
People really should not be using that screen as an indication of balance as it doesn’t show anything about how those numbers were achieved, how much to players, how much to ai, etc.

GDI. I totally forgot about that. >_<

(I still think Deande is better, even if Kleese does have a range advantage, but I’m just biased). =P

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Deande is superior in some ways, the both of them in tandem work wonders though

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Ill admit I am a bit rusty since i havent played in over 6 months.

I need to learn about all the changes that occurred since i was gone.

… That being said… changes or not… it is still my firm belief that support characters are way more valuable in a 5v5 game than assault characters are, also way more fun and way way way harder to kill (alani is so so small, jumps around like a maniac while nuking and self healing everything in sight)

All in all… for me personally I have way more fun playing healer (in this game)… the thing is… Ever since ive played video games I like being the “big dmg guy” I dont really enjoy healingI like being the guy that goes in there and does sick damage and gets tons of kills… i guess in this game healers do that. Dont hate the playa, hate the game baby.

Like i said, this game is very fun and unique… i just find it a bit odd that im able to do more damage on alani (a healer) than I do on oscar mike (a guy that cant heal, a guy that can only do damage)

its like a construction worker showing up to a job with only one tool (oscar mike) or you can be alani and show up to the job with 10 different tools