Why even play melee on incursion?

the enemy team is just gonna camp the choke point by the sentry.

u even think about going in there and doing damage and u die in 2 seconds flat.

not fun at all.

its only fun if u play against a team who dont know what theyre doing which isnt very often nowadays.

i guess thats just the way it is. would be cool if they could somehow make this happen less often.

i enjoy melee the most but can never find a meltdown game

Playing melee in incursion is great actually I do better with melee characters on incursion than anywhere else.


Melee characters can feel pretty useless when you’re stuck at the choke points in incursion.

They’re great for pushing/winning mid but then you might as well kick back and have a cup of tea during the sentry push.


Past level 7 an all melee team can basically bum rush the sentry.
As long as you’ve been taking advantage of the shards and buildables you will have easily outleveled the enemy team that’s turtling.

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Boulder. Boulder is the most fun I’ve had as melee. He can tank the sentry as long as the thumper turret is down. I actually just one a match because of this. Actually, melee in general is damn good on incursion if you play right. Great for taking out enemy Battleborn, minions. Great for distractions too, lets your ranged teammates fire without much aggro on them. I could argue that any team would benifet GREATLY from a good melee.

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Melee is for pushing.

The choke points are 50/50 for them but they can wreck the sentries.

Unfortunately the sentries can also wreck them and since you have to cover more ground to escape the area (usually while getting slowed by thumpers) you’re fodder.

yeah it sucks.

instantly slowed by sentry

dead literally 2 seconds later.

not to mention the 5 players attacking you also

its rather disappointing imo

i can do so much more with say oscar mike than el dragon on incursion

im basically 100% useless past that choke point, and my arms arent long enough to hit players in there or do dmg to sentry.

oscar mike tho?

oh he can either stand in the tunnel or on the ledge and shoot and lob grenades/ultimates as he pleases

pop el dragons ultimate and rush in there? DEAD DEAD DEAD, SLOWED FIRST THEN ABSOLUTELY SMASHEDDD

oscar mike can also clear the lean and push the lane better too.

ranged > melee when it comes to incursion.

i wish more people played meltdown, i like meltdown more but it takes like 20 minutes to find a team for meltdown =[

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Because Galilea, Helix 3 :wink:

there are only really 3 viable melee characters in high level incursion play. el dragon is very viable. galilea is very viable, but it is just because of her broken, broken, broken kit. who needs range when you can pull range into you and silence them all with a button press? the third is actually the strongest character in any team comp in incursion, and that is boulder.

in pubs you can get away with just about any melee, but at high levels it is those three only

i dunno man i can wreck as el dragon in meltdown… ive gotten 25 player killstreak with him before

but not incursion, not against a team that camps choke point

el dragon literally dies in 3 seconds from ANYONE he is so squishy you basically can only get a kill from flanking or using ultimate and dragon splash. he sucks 1v1 let alone 5v1

i was literally dying in 2 seconds or less because im being focused too much

I’ve actually seen a lot of melee doing really well on incursion, especially will heals or overshields goin’. And then there’s Boldur - wow. Matter of fact, here recently, I saw someone using Boldur on incursion, and they tanked all minions, sentry, our entire team - you name it. This Bouldur could not die (actually, I think he did die a time or two though I don’t know how). But yeah, he was immune for what seemed like 99% of the time he was being fired on and stayed right in front of our team the whole time. Never knew Boldur was pretty much invincible like that.

Like most characters, majority of melee players require decent support to take on a sentry guarded by the other team.

The only Battleborn I can think of that don’t need serious backup to take on a sentry are the backdooring Marquis or Toby.

I’ve seen pretty much every melee characters do well in Incursion. Just because you can’t be at the very front of the pack doesn’t mean you’re useless.

There’s 3 normal entries to the sentry and 1 backdoor. If you’re letting them “camp” by just perpetually trying to poke around the corner then you’re doing it wrong. Flank, force them out of position, make them overextend. This goes double for Echelon.

Melee isn’t the problem here, you just need to level up your personal skill.

El Dragon with a good Reyna can trash a sentry. He can also turn an incursion match around pretty quickly once he gets En Fuego.

Most anyone would do well with a pocket healer. It just so happens Gal and the Stump can heal themselves.

Also probably why healing was being looked into. Tank + Healing is just one awfully effective combination.

ill need to screencap a match i had today for the op. a rath carried their team well. they were a great team, but then you look at stats and besides their coordinated attacks, the rath was apparently doing everything o.o

either your teammates were bad, had bad composition, or you just havent figured out how to use him in incursion. i am very, very good with phoebe in meltdown, but i am not nearly as satisfied with how i play her in incursion. against pubs, sure, i go off with her usually. but in tournament high level play i have not yet found the best use of her yet in incursion.

i have just recently started playing el dragon in incursion. i have almost a 7.0 kd on him with literally a 100 pct win percentage. i already have a quad with him in only 17 games played, and i am a VERY slow learner with characters. my friend @asiahmillertime plays him well enough that i am almost certain that the plumbers banned el dragon against us in the tournament because they heard it through the grapevine how hard he went off on the team we played in the quarterfinals

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Watched a team playing Incursion Friday night on Twitch. Had one player running, I think, Shayne & Aurox, and that one grabbed most kills (by a significant margin) most matches. I tried that one in PvE and just couldn’t manage it–no real ranged attack, no way to throw off aggro in solo. But against waves of minions, occasionally with a player or two mixed in there? BRILLIANT. Toe-to-toe with most other players? BRILLIANT.

It’s the old problem with range brackets. You’ve got to pick the fight where you’ve got it IN your bracket and NOT IN the opponent’s, and you’ve got to get into that situation in the first place without getting shredded. But once you’re in that situation, you will REK. So, focus less on the bad experience with choke points, and more on how you can achieve those situations where you’re able to just tear-down an enemy at close range, who doesn’t really have a close-range capability. And outside of that, focus on managing enemy minions and thrall. You’ll be fine.

If I’m playing melee and running toward a situation where I’m outnumbered or think Ill soon be out numbered, I play very defensively. Like I’ll use Deade’s Holotwin to evade the enemy or Phoebe’s Phasegate to get out of a tight spot.

Now if I’m closing in on a kill and half team is wiped. I’ll play more offensively. Ill use Deande’s Holotwin so I can get the jump on an enemy or Ill use Phoebe’s phasegate to slow a retreating foe.

Its very much a patience game with melee characters. I don’t get nearly as much kills as I do with range characters but I sure as hell wont get any more deaths than I do with range characters either!