Why everyone should care about Terror

To anyone who says Terror sucks or doesn’t understand the Terror mechanics: go watch this video guys. Seriously. This is the best explanation video I’ve seen so far. I think it shows very well what Terror can do for you and why it adds so much to the game.


It’s okay, but can be ignored.

Also the video references Reddit and he keeps saying he is doing TVHM M3 with Zane, because he is acting like it is impossible.

People keep saying Zane is weak or underpowered, but terror opens up so many new, strong options for him. But yeah the Reddit reference is a fair point.

Suppose there wouldn’t happen to be a written, in-depth look at it somewhere that I’ve missed? Am still clueless as to the relative values of the different anointments.

I’ve seen different people claim they’d tested it but their numbers didn’t coincide. But the things you can visually see like ammo regen rate and health regen are pretty decent.

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Gotcha. Am using the fire rate & damage one, and it’s really noticeable as well, but can’t give any concrete numbers. But it’s great nonetheless.

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Idc if Terror can somehow delete Ava, I’m not trying to shoot my Flood straight into the sky while annoying haunting noises are drowning out every other noise including my friend trying to talk to me. No thanks.

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If the Flood isn’t working out for you, why not use a different gun? Also you know that you can lower the ingame audio / increase the volume of your friend talking, right?

I think i’ll stick with the gun i like and the audio settings i like and just not use Terror. At least by choice. Sounds way better to me

Besides it makes me feel like i’m promoting this horrible forced upon us event if i use it. I love this game but just another poor choice by GBX. I’ve tried the annoints. The ammo regen is great. Not worth the all the things i deem negative about terror.


It’s not that it cannot be good, it’s just that I HATE it! :grin:


useless for people leveling up… you know… because your guns are useless after every X minuits…

so yeah… crappy event is still crap…


So you’re completely ignoring the fact that you can literally take everything negative about Terror and make it buff your character in different ways?

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So the annoying sounds and horrible handling will somehow buff my character? The higher i shoot into the sky the more HP i’ll regen or something like that? Nah man not for me. Idk maybe you’re on PC and can just mass produce Mules without much work. But I for one will be extremely content with ignoring Terror. Will not be picking up anything that applies terror and cannot wait until the ghosts are gone.

It’s cool you like it. Some people like the story. To each their own


As mentioned in the video, if you have a terror-anointed weapon you don’t get the accuracy/handling penalties but all the buffs from your grenade, shield and equipped gun instead.

It’s cool if you don’t like it. I’m just sick of people saying something sucks without even having tried it out, and then go and spread it everywhere. And I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about what I’ve seen over the past weeks within the whole community. That’s why I made this thread.

Again, if you’ve tried it and don’t like it, very cool with me. And if you don’t want to try it, it’s cool too, but I think people should at least understand it and not straight up reject it.


I’m well aware that it can be very good. But the facts that it provides audio and visual effects that i greatly dislike and it’s a byproduct of what i see as a horrible event, makes me want nothing to do with it. Not to mention the storage issue. It also rubs me the wrong way just like in the remaster with the added legendaries, how much it’s diluting the loot pool. Especially the annointed loot pool.


People can be stubborn,lazy,ignorant and egoclectic.Majority of every community will be like that.There is no exception here.Im pretty sure if you ignore those + 95% of twitch streamers and youtubers connected to Borderlands you will find a very nice place for yourself.
It may sound grim,but yeah the community is notorious for 3 things.Farming,Cheating,Exploiting.Like every game.Most of the veteran community does these 3 things aswell.So yeah welcome,Im sure youll like it here.

PS.Incase you missed the sarcasm,there was a lot.But in every sarcasm or joke there is a lot of truth.

This is essentially all I want people to realise before making their judgement.

If it’s not for you, cool. Personally I think you’re missing out but I realise that there is nothing that appeals to everyone.

I’m far from new to the community and I know you’re right. I guess it’s pointless trying to go up against a million people, but I may as well try.

I know you’re not new thats why I decided to reply and knew you would understand the irony.Anyway was nice.I like people with hope and positivism,you know vibes that can change someones view on a brigher note.But realism and reality itself is beyond repair.People will leave and/or change.


I wouldn’t say i’m missing out because i’ve tried it extensively. It’s not like they are going away so i can always try it down the road. But as of right now I am not a fan and i do not need it.

I see all your points. I was just responding as to why i do not care about terror.