Why everyone should care about Terror

You do, that was also part of my test. You need some specific beneficial terror anointments to remove the penalties.


Terror sucks, i’ll keep my accuracy and vision intact thanks


Terror builds can be good, yes. Amazing, even.

But I can barely see anything half the time as it is, I don’t need more crap blurring my screen. In addition, that sound effect is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can play through it but I don’t want to.

I’m saving gear because I’ve made the mules already, but I really don’t like playing with the terror mechanic. Not because it’s good or bad, but because the presentation is awful.

It makes me worry about power creep. Terror anointments are just objectively better in most cases.

I have a bone to pick with something Ki11er Six said and I’m hoping y’all well help get this to Gearbox’s ears. It starts at 6:05. The gist of it, as I understand it, is that Gearbox shouldn’t have these types of events affect the whole game and should allow people to opt into it.

My first counter argument is that Gearbox already allows us to opt into the event. It’s called online/offline. If you don’t want to participate in the event then play in offline mode. It’s as simple as that. There is no need to write new code and add additional complexity to the game. (Though I love it …) BL3 has enough bugs; and more are coming with every new content drop so let’s not ask them to add even more bugs with new opt-in/opt-out mechanics!:grin:

My second counter argument is that I like the way they implemented this event. I like the fact that it affects the whole game and not just Heck. And there is a really good reasons why we should be glad that it affects the whole game. That reason is all the loot that existed before the event specific loot was added. Let me explain.

Imagine what it would be like if terror anointed gear ONLY dropped in Heck! …

… I’m giving you time to imagine :crazy_face:

Now let me spell it out.

If terror anointed gear only dropped in Heck then there would be less terror anointed gear over all because the number of loot sources (e.g., enemies, chests, bosses, toilets, etc) in Heck is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the total number of loot sources in the rest of the game. So his point about farming bosses (e.g., Graveward) to get good anointed drops would be nullified if terror anointed gear was limited to Heck!

Please help me ensure that Gearbox ignores his bad advice and that future events will continue to follow the current event’s excellent formula.

My comment is not an attack against Ki11er Six. I have no animosity towards Six. The point of this comment is that he has a megaphone and I’m concerned that Gearbox can hear him but not the rest of us. So by constructing calm and reasoned counter arguments I hope to expand the conversation so Gearbox can hear it.


They’ve been talking about that for 9 days over in this thread, if you want to join in:

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll post a link to my comment over there.

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I agree with you. I’d much prefer to see future events not being restricted to one area, but I’m aware of the many many people who feel the exact opposite. Eventually it’s up to GBX which route they want to go with, and it’s inevitably gonna upset a lot of people either way. A good middle ground in my mind would be something like making future events accessible only on half the planets, but that’s for another thread.

Again, they can opt out (i.e., offline mode)! I just don’t want the boring people ruining this new thing that Gearbox is trying out. Remember, we’ve never had anything like this in any Borderlands game. So instead of sh*ting on it let’s support things that keeps the game fresh and interesting.


I’m completely with you. Though do keep in mind that when people go offline they can’t benefit from the increase to anointed drops for example. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about that and I do understand those people too.

The only problem with this solution is the fact that people playing offline don’t get all the bugfixes from the majority of hotfixes and some items not dropping when playing offline.


It’s a trade off, as are all things in life!:innocent:

Making the game more complex (i.e., more bugs, etc) is also a trade off. But given that this event and others like it expire it seems like not a particularly good investment to spend the resources and to incur the risks (e.g, bugs, complexity, maintenance costs, etc). So if you (3rd person “you”) hate the event so much then make the trade off and play offline or relax and just enjoy the mayhem! :crazy_face:

Maybe I should point out that I didn’t begin where I am now. I also didn’t like it at first. But then I took a step back and really thought about it. Then I changed my mind. I’m now appreciative of the upsides of this event. Plus ghosts gives me more things to shoot!

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The floating ghosts
should only be active when the mission is active.


i disagree with some of this, mainly because i could find a gun for a phasecast build, that makes it so my gun does 250% after phase cast for so long, and honestly on a build like that, you could keep that buff up quite a while.

so yeah a rowans call with that with say 400 dmg, would be far more valuable.

That’s only for Amara though, and you can still pair it with Terror anointments on shield and grenade.

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I just wanted to write in complete support of everything that the OP said. And sorry for the long post, but I have not seen much about this and wanted to write it up.

Personally, I initially felt like the Terror-anointed gear was just kind of annoying and useless. However, that was until I found a particular combination of a couple terror-anointed items that almost make the game a joke.

This is pretty much a work-in-progress for me, but I just recently found a purple Anshin shield (has amp, recharge, and health boosters, not that it really matters) at about the same point in the story that I received the Whispering Ice grenade, both with veeeeeeery interesting anointments. In fact, literally the only thing significant about either of these two items is that both are Terror-anointed. The shield is Terror-anointed to apply Terror on action skill end and the grenade is anointed to provide health regen while Terrified.

At the time, I was playing Fl4k, crit build, rakk skill emphasis. Anyone who has played Fl4k knows that one of Fl4k’s issues is shield regen skills, insomuch as he has none. Well, when you are using your rakk all the time, and you are constantly applying Terror to yourself, and then you also regen health constantly (and Terror anointment health regen is strong - like really, really, stand-between-two-tink-turrets-and-not-take-damage strong!), it really doesn’t matter what the enemies do. They literally cannot kill you!

This is the most powerful combo I have seen of the Terror gear yet. And here’s the thing about Terror shields and grenades - you cannot swap them! They are always equipped during combat. This is why Terror-anointed grenades and shields are more useful than Terror-anounted weapons, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, Terror-anointed weapons are super powerful too. However, I believe that the most powerful builds in this game will take advantage of that Terror-derived health regen mechanic, because with that mechanic, you literally can spec 100% DPS skills without taking any defensive skills at all!

People, don’t sleep on the Terror gear!!! Lots to discover.


There’s a bug where Terror bonuses stack infinitely(?) if you don’t quit the game. I’m not sure what triggers the stacking though. It makes testing very annoying.

I wish i farmed Aurelia earlier… i really want a frozen heart with applying terror on myself on action skill end. lul

I don’t think that’s a very good argument and it’s not that simple, not for people who like to play online co-op.


Or for people who really want that perfect legendary class mod.

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