Why Everyone Should Probably Stop Farming the Company Man

Heya Buddies, the new raid boss, Hemovorous the Invincible, just came out in the director’s cut Season Pass 2 dlc and I have seen a lot of players have been farming the Company Man to get that godroll, especially with talk about godroll Vladof Company Man for Moze, and due to this I believe that it is necessary to explain to everyone on the community why you probably shouldn’t . Since to get a godroll it takes tons of hours, this will hopefully help save the time of all the Amara, Flak, Moze & Zane mains out there.

Click Here for a Video Showcase & Explanation: (Suggested for those who aren’t able to concentrate on the paragraphs of math)

All Data down below will be a calculation using a Godroll Company man with 50% Gun Damage, 50% Crit Damage & 50% Firerate w/ no guardian rank skill tree or anointment bonuses

First let’s start off with some calculations:

Let’s take into example a monarch (since that is a common gun used) with 40 bullets into the magazine and let’s say this monarch can shoot 8 bullets at once(max pellets per shot for monarch). And let’s be completely fair to the company man and say we don’t have any stacks on the pearl yet. To keep the math easy once again let’s just say the monarch in question only does 1 damage per shot. First shot, if using the pearl this only deal 8 damage (This would in turn at 8 stacks for the pearl). Second shot with 8 stacks on the pearl would then deal 8.64 damage but this would then set up max stacks since that would have been 16 pellets hit so then the third shot hits and deals 17.68. Now let’s just skip ahead to magazine being completely empty and we were able to deal 670.8 damage total assuming we didn’t crit a single time. Now if we use the same process with a god roll company man, since each pellet would deal 1.5 damage from the start, our total damage at the end of our magazine with the same monarch would be 480 assuming we never crit.

This Data shows that on a normal fight without crits any Pearl will output 33.15% more damage even against a godroll Company Man

Best case scenario for a godrolled 50% increased damage and 50% increased crit company man we somehow were able to crit every single time this once again only dealt an increase of 1.8% damage compared to the best case scenario for the pearl where we also miraculously crit all the hits.

(Next Part the numbers I got are based on total crit damage per shot, Here is how I got the numbers: The Pearl Calculation: Weapon Damage( 1 ) + Additive Bonus of max stack Pearl( .90 ) = 1.90 * Multiplicative Bonus of max stack Pearl( .162 ) = .3078. Since this was a Multiplicative Bonus we add that back to 1.90 which leads to pearl dealing 2.21 (rounded up) per body shot and 4.42 per crit shot.The Company man calculation is more simply: Weapon Damage( 1 ) + Additive Bonus of Company Man 50% bonus gun damage( .50 ) = 1.50 per body shot which means that to get crit damage we just do this: 1.50 * 2 (Normal Crit Damage) * .50 (Crit Bonus from Company man) = 4.50 per crit shot )

For pearl on max stacks deals 4.42 damage per crit hit assuming if our gun does 1 damage per shot. Using the same gun For our Godroll company man 4.5 per crit hit that’s a 1.8% increase if you have both 50%gun damage and crit damage. For company man comes out to 4.2 damage per crit shot if you lessen either gun or crit multipliers on company man to 40 % and the other is still 50%. This shows that if you want to deal the most crit damage you will need a perfect company man until you start adding guardian ranks. Once you add Guardian Ranks the pearl will be able to deal more damage per crit since the pearl has Multiplicative Multiplayer that synergizes w/ the Multiplicative Multiplayer of crit damage (I had about 13% bonus crit damage w/ my guardian rank) in the guardian rank leading to more total damage per crit shot w/ the pearl overall . For company man 1.5 per regular shot For pearl (max stack) it’s 2.21 per regular shot. Which is a 32% increase

The most you can get out of a god roll company man that has max bonus for crit firerate and gun damage is if you are a moze main using the action skill trait “some for the road.” Using the same weapon monarch as mentioned before, During this 5 second period my calculations have shown a 8% increase in dps compared to a pearl during a 15 second period of interrupted shooting taking into account times when moze would need to reload after the first 5 seconds. These numbers were skewed however in the company mans favor since I didn’t allow myself to use “some for the road” when using the pearl during this particular dps check. If the pearl did use “some for the road” we would instead see that pearl would deal 17% more damage then the company man could despite the pearl in question didn’t have any increase fire rate.

All Calculations shown are done w/ a monarch that dealt 1 damage per pellet (each shot was 8 pellets) for ease of understanding & so the numbers Don’t get too high

Total damage: 362.25 | At the end of a 15 sec dps check with god roll company man (50% gun damage, fire rate and crit damage) w/ some for the roads

Total damage: 334.5 | At the end of a 15 sec dps check with the Pearl of ineffable knowledge (without counting random stat rolls on it) w/o some for the road

Total Damage 437.08 | At the end of a 15 sec dps check with the Pearl of ineffable knowledge (without counting random stat rolls on it) w/ some for the road

Now I know this has been mostly negative about the company man I do want to say that the company man is second best in slot for non gimmick damage increase so if you don’t have a pearl or dlc2 go ham with the company man. Also if you plan on doing any builds that don’t plan on shooting fast like a one shot (one pellet) one kill strategy the company man would give you the most bang for your buck since you wouldn’t be able to activate consecutive hits at that point. It’s uncommon for meta builds to involve something that doesn’t shoots fast so this won’t be the case often.

Long story short don’t waste your time trying to get a godroll company man when a pearl of any kind can dish out more damage on a realistic and regular basis with all character.

I believe that covers everything, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.


Not surprised. I don’t think it was a secret for anyone. Maybe for those who don’t care much about minmaxing characters ? But yeah. Interesting to see all the maths and props to you for going through all this process. You got my like on this video, sir/lady.

I might be wrong, but I think Company Man relics weren’t added to be a supremely powerful thing. Just like Re-Volter, everyone keeps going at it like “yeah it’s OP, it’s dumb” but a Pearl with 50% elemental ASEs on nades and shield probably gives you more than Re-Volter.

They just add gameplay variety while being really good. You wanna rock an allegiance run ? Now you can. Wanna make a brand shine in a niche setup ? Now you can.
You’re a Fl4k main and you wanna make Guerilla Fade Away just as powerful and viable than 3 shot fade ? Boom, Re-Volter + St4ckbot.
You wanna meme with rocket launchers ? Boom, Infernal Wish.

Nothing they added on dlc6 broke the game in a dumb way imo (let’s not talk about Super Soldier, that thing is clearly a mistake), they just brought new toys for us so we can have fun in new ways.


Oh, and also subscribed ! Really cool content !

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The company man relic suits some manufacturers more than others, given the availability of manufacturer stat rolls on class mods.

I haven’t done any math to back this up, but a well rolled Torgue Company man gives access to an extra 50% crit damage not easily found elsewhere. Likewise for firerate and reload speed. A perfect roll Torgue company man with Heavy Damage, incendiary and AOE secondaries would outshine a Pearl easily, and be comparable to a victory rush if using the Flare com on Moze. (I’m basing this on knowledge of where various bonuses fit into Moze’s damage formula.) This is because it allows boosts across more multipliers rather than boosting things that already receive large bonuses.

Other vault hunters may not see similar boosts due to their damage formulae being different.


Thank you buddy!

I didn’t take into account a torque with bonus aoe/splash since that is also multiplicative. I suppose on paper that company would be able to deal more damage but I’m curious to see what would happen if a ran a dps check to see which one will really deal more damage. But for now I’ll trust your judgement on that one since I haven’t got a company man like that lol. Thank you for adding that

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Uh, yeah I mean on paper the Pearl would seem an equal or superior option to the Company Man, but in practice, the Company Man will be superior more often than not, because it seems you have neglected to consider that each class has their own damage formula as well. Flat gun damage is probably the most common boost for all classes (except maybe Amara) and suffers from diminishing returns. Zane and Fl4k can easily get huge amounts of gun damage, at which point the primary boost of the Pearl becomes much less useful. Contrarily, most classes don’t get alot of crit damage, and fire rate boosts are generally the most scarce and small - this makes them much more significant in the damage formula.

This is even ignoring the fact the stat bonuses you can get from the Company Man are much more powerful. Weapon type (V2) bonuses and elemental damage bonuses are generally very scarce - and hence they will massively contribute to your damage formula. AOE damage less so, but 48% is nothing to sneeze at. All in all, you can benefit 5-6 ends of the damage formula from the Company Man - its gonna be much better than the Pearl for most min-maxed builds.

Back before the Company Man existed, just getting an artifact with 48% AOE and double elemental damage rolls could allow it to out-DPS the Pearl on St4ckbot Fl4k or Zane. Even if the rest of the artifact did nothing for you. With the Company Man providing such a huge additional boost, the Pearl falls even further behind.


darreltan2004 Hey buddy super great points indeed, I didn’t really think about each characters damage formula when creating this. Since I don’t know each characters damage formula I’ll have to leave it as touché. Would you say that the pearl would be best on one particular character then? I’m also surprised to hear that the pearl was outshine before with what you said since the pearl does have a multiplicative multiplier that is new to the damage formula that my data has shown to allow it to out dps most company man, but hey that’s the beauty of this community you always learn something new. Thank you for bringing that to light

Also curious on the damage formula for that artifact you mentioned before with 48% aoe damage and double element. With my calculations following the methods before that would only lead to a total of 2.19 damage while pearl showed with 2.21 damage so maybe I’m missing something? If not it would show that the pearl would deal more damage against that set up. But if those stats rolled on a company with 50% damage you are correct it would out damage the pearl

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Thanks for that info. Seems like the forums is the only place to get this info for those who flunked math. Lol


I believe that depends on the character. For Amara that’s probably true because she doesn’t have many gun damage boosts, but if you look at Zane, you suddenly get a very different picture. Hundreds of percent from Violent Momentum alone and even some of his weaker skills like Synchronicity, Donnybrook, Confident Competence and Commitment can provide up to or even beyond 50%.

In fact, due to that the Pearl has never even been the best damage option on Zane with a Victory Rush potentially being better since it can provide a multiplicative V2 damage boost.

Granted, a Company Man gun damage boost wouldn’t be the most useful thing for Zane, but one with Crit, Mag Size and Fire Rate would definitely outperform a Pearl in terms of DPS, particularily if you also get good passives (and mind you, the Pearl doesn’t roll with certain bonuses such as AoE damage, elemental damage bonuses and crit damage boosts).


You can’t compare base values only and claims something is better. Don’t want to be rude but If you were a bigger youtuber I would just call it a click bait video.

Just an easy example. Splash weapon, item card 100 damage. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes, but if so let me know.

Pearl (full bonus)

  • body shot: 100 * (1+0,9) * (1+0,161) = 221
  • critical hit: 100 * (1+0,9) * (1+0,161) * 2 = 442
  • with Guardian crit: 100 * (1+0,9) * (1+0,161) * (2 * (1+0,13)) = 499

Company Man (+50% wpn dmg) with +48% AoE

  • body shot: 100 * (1+0,5) * (1+0,48) = 222 (crit is 444)
  • with Guardian crit: 100 * (1+0,5) * (1+0,48) * (2 * (1+0,13)) = 502

So we already have higher damage than Pearl. Lets add critical dmg (+50%) to our Company Man

  • critical hit: 100 * (1+0,5) * (1+0,48) * (2 * (1+0,5) = 666
  • with Guardian crit: 100 * (1+0,5) * (1+0,48) * (2 * (1+0,5+0,13) = 724

Ok, now lets be more fair for Pearl artifact and now we have splash damage (+36%) on COM.

  • body: 100 * (1+0,9) * (1+0,161) * (1+0,36) = 300
  • crit: 100 * (1+0,9) * (1+0,161) * (1+0,36) * (2 * (1+0,13)) = 678

Company Man

  • body: 100 * (1+0,5) * (1+0,48+0,36) = 276
  • crit: 100*(1+0,5) * (1+0,48+0,36) * (2 * (1+0,5+0,13) = 900

As you can see, now Pearl will do more damage on body shots, but way less on crit.

Now lets add Consecutive Hits anointment (up tp +200% weapon damage)

  • body: 100 * (1+0,9+2) * (1+0,161) * (1+0,36) = 616
  • crit: 100 * (1+0,9+2) * (1+0,161) * (1+0,36) * (2 * (1+0,13)) = 1392

Company Man

  • body: 100 * (1+0,5+2) * (1+0,48+0,36) = 644
  • crit: 100 * (1+0,5+2) * (1+0,48+0,36) * (2*(1+0,5+0,13) = 2099

And now Company Man will do more damage on body shot, and way more on crit.

This can go and go with more specific bonuses like elemental damage that can spawn on CM and not on Pearl. Final outcome depends on character and build, so calling people to stop farming their perfect Company Man is not a right way.


My dahl allegiance zane cares not for the ‘logic’ and ‘mathematics’ in this topic :yum:

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as if the bonuses were not huge enough lol you do not need full 50% rolls it is stupid powerful without it

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I found that with the pearl it’s able to deal more crit damage with crit damage multiplier since the pearl seems to add its multiplicative multiplier at the end or something. In my video I demonstrated damage before and after I turned on guardian ranks and it showed that the pearl was able to out crits the company man when this was turned on. Perhaps my explanation on why this is is incorrect but nevertheless in practice it shows that the pearl benefits more from crit multipliers then a normal artifact would. Because I am unsure how to calculate this I have no sure fire way to prove this it’s just shown near the end of the video. Thank you for putting in your input because your calculations does lead to the company man out dps the body shots with certain rolls. Thank you for your time and effort in explaining that to me

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Also, I am not too sure why the Company Man is being compared only to the Pearl and no other artifacts. Depending on rolls, there are lots of artifact combos that perform better than the Pearl. You get the most out of the Pearl on Amara and Moze in my playing experience (I am not at all a math-focused guy but I do pay a little bit of attention to it).

Even if you compare the Company Man only to the Pearl, it still stacks up really well on Zane and Fl4k for sure. If you include Ice Breaker prefixes, the Victory Rush, the versatility of Otto Idols vs. other artifacts to allow healing through gear and spec’ing heavier into DPS skills over healing, and other factors, there are lots of reasons for and against the various artifacts, and DPS is only one piece of the calculation. How you get to that calculation and what playstyle it allows you to achieve also is relevant in the analysis.

In my experience the Company Man is a really cool addition to the build variety mix. Especially the Torgue Crit stat roll, because you can’t get that from any other artifact and that is a huge boost for RLs especially.


We need prismatic to answer this one!


Yes, in your example Pearl will do more on crit.
Pearl: 100 * (1+0,9) * (2 * (1+0,13)) * (1,01^15) = 499
Company Man: 100 * (1+0,5) * (2 * (1+0,5+0,13)) = 489

But the same Company Man with Elemental damage (+24%) will do more.
100 * (1+0,5) * (2 * (1+0,5+0,13)) * (1+0,24)) = 606

All depends, on what exactly you are comparing.


You have to look at ease of acquisition also (may not be as relevant for some players, but it is for us console plebs). Getting a well-rolled Pearl is like hitting the lottery. On the other hand you can kill Hemo over and over to get the Company Man, it seems to drop at least 1 or 2 every kill, so getting a good one is relatively easier than getting a good Pearl (you basically want the combo of mag size and fire rate).

There are all kinds of reasons, other than a straight damage calculation, why you might want to run various artifacts. Let’s be honest, BL3 is not that hard anyway, so maxing out damage is in no way necessary. You should be making at least some “just for fun” choices in your builds anyway, because it’s not like this is OP10 or anything LOL.

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I’m probably in the same boat - and I almost treat some manufacturer bonuses (Accuracy, Reload…) as QoL improvements. Yes, they increase DPS too, but it is harder to ‘feel’. My small army of allegiance VHs will enjoy these relics.


TBF, getting a god rolled company man is very unlikely compared to pearl with its limited stats. For most people pearl will be better simply because you can feasibly get a god roll pearl.

But on the high end, Company Man will defeat pearl on 90% of builds. Heck, a decently rolled Vic Rush already beats pearl on every char except Amara. Just being able to get AOE and element makes a massive difference in damage.