Why has no one mentioned the re-emerging rare enemy

I am of course talking about the rare strain of creatures known as Chubbies! I’ve only encountered a Chubby Skag but my jaw dropped when I saw him. I should have recorded the engagement, but I was too busy running behind him while peppering his rear with buckshots. Makes me wonder what else is lurking out there.


I’ve seen two chubby skags, both had legendary drops.

I saw a bloated Rakk near the hunt target in the Droughts.

had a bloated rakk and a chubby skag. didnt get a legendary.

havent seen one since.

I’ve seen about 6 or 7 chubbies, but no legendary drops from them yet. :frowning:

That’s a lot of chubbies. I’ve only seen one so far.

I’ve seen one chubby enemy, what sucks is that it was on my Amara who I was just starting and still stuck on Pandora at about level 5. So I got nothing good.

Bloated Rakks are pretty much as they where in BL1 aka Cash machines. I see one or two most times I’m on Pandora on TVHM. As for Chubbys well iv only see one in my 500+ hours playing the game and that was right at the start of my playthrough on my second character.
Based on what people are saying I would guess the Drop rates for legendary items would be around a 50/50. That is much better then BL2s normal mode where you where lucky to get a purple on anything pre UVHM.

I’ve seen a few Chubbies, a Bloated Rakk, a bunch of Loot Tinks and an occasional Loot Bandit.

I’m farming for a SkeSkil from Skrakk in Ascension’s Bluff. It’s spawned a few chubby skags for me.

Something something chubby chaser :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (I apologize for nothing)

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You shall apologize for not proclaiming it sooner. I just really really wanna see a chubby Tyrant or chubby anointed Goliath.

I’ve seen a few Thieving Jabbers too, they seem to be mostly money machines like bloated rakks though. One I killed dropped a legendary, but it may have just been an RNG world drop from him.

There are a bandit types of loot thief too, only tinks seem to get legendary. Also shoot the thieving jabber barrel for extra loot.

I always seem to see a chubby skag doing that first quest for Marcus.