Why hasn’t gearbox fixed the performance still?

We’re coming up on almost a month after release. Why is the performance only been slightly tweaked and improved on pc? Y’all keep releasing patches for “balances” and things which could all be towards improving and smoothing our how the games runs. This is taking way to long and I think a lot of us deserve an explanation on why this is taking so long.

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There supposed to be a big 30 day patch coming soon. Hopefully it helps those on pc and xbox.

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How are they counting those days btw? By my calendar 30 days already passed…

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Lol. Yup, they dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully it drops with halloween event.

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lmao… it’s 1 day overdue… relax

I mean, I dont personally care when it comes as long as it fixes the problems that the game has. GBX called it a “30 day patch”…

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This is my understanding:

Because harder stuff (optimisation- involving everything that happens in the game) takes longer than comparatively easy stuff (balance- numerical value changes not requiring changes to other code).

There’s a team working on the balance, and a team working on optimization.

The majority of the patches so far have been client hotfixes, which just require some data being pushed to your computer/console to overwrite some different values. It doesn’t change the binaries at all.

Performance issues, especially of the type BL3 has, will require full on code changes that require a large, standard patch. We’re talking engine level code, here. Those types of performance optimizations take a tremendous amount of time, especially if there hasn’t been progress on them yet.

Even if you see improvements with the next big patch, it won’t be completely fixed, and we’ll likely still be seeing improvements for the next year. UE4, despite being the best FPS engine on the market, is extraordinarily hard to optimize, and is not built with performance in mind (it’s built for artists to go batshit crazy with and programmers to attempt to come in behind and pick up the pieces).

It’s also apparent that their entire UI is poorly engineered and will likely need a full overhaul in order to get decent performance. That’ll take a lot more than a single patch too (and is likely also contributing to their performance issues in general, because it appears that some genius decided to make a 3D UI that requires every weapon in your inventory to be loaded into memory at all times. jackiechanwtf.jpg )


Again, I agree the problems are various and all of that takes a lot of time to fix and tweak, and that’s okay. Just don’t see a reason to call something a “30 day patch” if its obviously going to take longer, like it just becomes another lie to the player base for no reason.
They are doing a great job with weekly hotfixes for example, and they never promised those nor mentioned it anywhere afaik. Just weirded out by the choices of the marketing team I guess.


Definitely hoping this will make an actual noticeable difference

lmao . . . who says people aren’t relaxed bringing up a valid point. It’s either a 30 day patch or it isn’t. It is likely coming Thursday.


it might not been obvious it would take longer? stop this ■■■■■■■■, it’s not a lie - things change and it’s not actually officially announced to be exactly 30 days either because someone on their twitter called it day 30 patch… it’s just a term they used to give a timeframe…

if the patch came out on day 28 - would that make them liars aswell?

this is why most devs don’t engage as much with their playerbase anymore. anything they say are used against them, it’s silly. unexpected things happens all the time… it’s impossible to foresee the future.

do you take everything thing said in your daily life literal? if someone is silly enough to belive it’s gonna be 30 days on the mark i feel bad for that person.


Performance patches also take console certifications, so gearbox has to find the issues, figure out how to fix them, internally test them.

Then they send them to certification with sony and microsoft which can often take 1 to 3 weeks.

We are are week 5.

Also just a heads up all the patches and hotfixes have been on thursday and friday.

So if we are getting the big “30” day patch, I would expect it at the end of the week. I have no inside info if it is coming or not.

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