Why have purples and blues?

If legendaries pop like pop kernels then why do we have purples and blues? Bl2 a blue squad wud be as good as a purple. Ravagers? Anarchist? Muckamuck? Purple facetime/developments? My fave shield was the cracked sash with axton and his shield regen/recharge perks it was crazy goodRecharable. So fun. The list of purples goes on that is viable. Bl3 legendary use them kuz we droppin em. Im sorry bl3 has the potential but i feel like devs played to much destiny and not enough bl2 to follow up on their next installment.


Borderlands 3 is a game about anoinments, not about guns. This is where they f’ed it up.



Maybe they should have created tiers for the anoints like they did the weapons. Then you’d get only the dozen or so good anoints on Legendary items, and all of the crappy anoints could be split among greens and blues, with some crossovers at purple.

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I use a lot of purple and blue. Actually there are several legendary item i can’t take seriously.
You should give a try to purple vladof snipers. Those are op. Everblast teidore shotguns are actually pretty famous. I don’t know how did you missed them.

Basic advice for guns:
Teidore: Everblast is the most famous. You should look after “Mirv homing projectives”. After you throwe it, the weapon will spawn a few homing greanade.
Maliwan: these ones have crazy elemental dmg. Wich one have more ammo/shot are normally the better ones.
Dahl: I haven’t seen a lot of good uniq dahl weapon, wich is unremakable. These are fine. Snipers can shoot pretty well. Even the white snipers are good ones.
Tourge: Here everything is explosive. You don’t use the normal shooting mode. You use the sticky shooting mode. Some rocket launcher have/had 75% bonus sticky dmg and anno you could have “after you use your skill for 5 second you don’t need amno” annointmen. It was crazy strong.
Vladof: Welp, these shoot fast bullets. Unfortunatly the dps is not so good. Vladof Snipers have a really good bullet speed.
Cov: Idk i don’t use these ones. I don’t know how they should work.

You hit the nail on the head. This game wants to be Destiny and forgets it’s Borderlands.


Anything with 120% melee damage seems to be good, if you can find it. Otherwise, not sure either, probably build specific though.

I stay away from the Tediore unless I can get a shock or rad one. I always blow myself up with them. Usually after the fight when trying to open stuff.

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The amount of usable blues and purples in this game is WAY higher than BL2. Pick up any green weapon and it will perform proportionally better in endgame than any BL2 blue or purple gear. There are no parts in this game that tank damage by 30% like hyperion parts did, you can’t really get a “bad” non-unique like you could in BL2.

Good to know!

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Sad but true

because you have to remember how it was when you first rolled a brand new character. It wasn’t leggy city like it is at max level and mayhem.

I used a purple muckamuck for probably 15 levels before I found a better sniper. all the leggy snipers I had found were garbo compared to it.

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Strange… for me, purple M10 weapons are only usable (do reasonable amount of damage) in the range up to and including M6. I was testing purples with Fade Away Zero0. Maybe that’s the problem…

It’s not necessarily that the blue/purp gear is amazing in M10 (most of it gets replaced with a more powerful legendary variant like Lump<Plaguebearer), but the parts system in BL2 was ATROCIOUS. Hyperion and Dahl parts tanked the damage of any weapon by a massive degree starting from level 5. A chinook sucked even at level 10. If you got a hyperion grip on a muckamuck, that gun would suck.

In BL3, yes there are parts that decrease damage but it’s only by 10% and the trade-offs are much better. Combine that with the fact that all gear can spawn with anointments and any blue/purps you pick in this game just perform WAY better on average than BL2 weapons.

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The sheer amount of legendaries in BL3 makes me dismiss purples/blues almost instantly. Actually, I don’t even care to try if a purple weapon might perform well or not, just because there are so many orange alternatives.

That said, this is yet another thing TPS did right imo. Introducing an additional rarity, Glitch guns, which are basically purples with the special effects.


Can’t object any of your points. I’ll just add, that in BL1, I remember using way more blues and purples than in any further iterations (my SMG Lilith was just 3 elemental Maliwan SMGs + Anarchy). Of course, BL1 has relatively more primitive part system and end-game, so that’s my answer for that, I suppose :slight_smile:

Shame, there wasn’t much of opportunities to put that Glitch Gear ™ into play because of (again) eng-game.

Sad but true. Luxxy’s Space Adventure along with another raid boss and the pearl rarity would’ve been the better choice imo, instead of breaking BL2 even further with Commander Lilith. The lvl30 character creation and rainbow guns were fine though.

There are many purple items that are much better than legendary analogs or do not have legendary analogs.
For example, there’s only one amp shield in BL3 that works properly and it’s purple
Most of good grenades are purple
Protuberance, Bangstick, Stagecoach, Powerblast, Hedgehog, Quickie, Lump etc

120% melee dmg is specifically for amara players or i can use it with my moze too?

It’s for anyone. I have seen it as a property of the weapon itself, not the anoint.

If I remember correctly, there’s a ASE 100% melee damage and an Amara specific 200% after using one of her skills. But any bladed weapon will have from 40 to 120, that I’ve seen. I’ve only seen the 120 on COV weapons, but it might be on others.