Why have you stopped playing? (Opinion)

I haven’t played in weeks now as the rewards and fun of playing have been removed for beta testing mayhem and broken events.

So I’m curious

  • I’m playing frequently still
  • I still play but way less than I was
  • I stopped playing

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If you have stopped or slowed playing… What would bring you back to regular play?

  • Loot Drop rates fixed
  • Gear balancing
  • Mayhem 2.0 “beta test” to finish
  • Game stability issues fixed
  • Cartel event to finish/New takedown release
  • DLC to come out

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All tied for choice: Gear Balancing (picked) / Mayhem 2.0 beta-test to be over / Game Stability (Including Multiplayer)


Really it’s not one thing it’s all things. It’s the poor scaling, the loot drops and mayhem 2.0. If BL3 is meant to just be played once or twice to experience the story on 1 or 2 VHs then I guess I have completed the game. On the other hand if BL3 is meant to be replayed over and over and items are meant to be farmed to experiment with all the mechanics and interactions…then I think GB needs to fix the gameplay loop in a way that values player’s time better.


There should be option: All of them :smiley:


True, just my “top 3” that I would play if fixed now, vs DLC/Drops/Takedown (those are 3 way tie for 2nd and I could wait)

My playtime per week is ~1 hour or less right now. Other games for me up to 7-10 hrs.


The Nerfing is absolutely annoying… This is not a competitive FPS. Some of us love OP builds at times others don’t. This unnecessary NERFING!!! has me crazy! Having the Mayhem level on the weapons would be a bonus also. Now I love the game besides all that! Also the Empowered Scholar boss fight is trash.


Stability is number 1. Game crashes whenever I play which is inexcusable. I’ll check the forums until they fix it, then MAYBE I’ll start playing again.


I see a lot of hope in this poll.
…did you consider adding the option: “I’m done with this game, and no change will make me play it again”?


I’m tired of spending weeks/months farming to finally get the gear, just to have it nerfed or a 3 lvl cap raise and it becomes useless or subpar. I’ve put enough time in the game for now. Hopefully something will bring me back at some point because I really do love this game!


This unpaid software tester is on strike. The working conditions are fine, but the lack of fair compensation is a no go.


i stopped for broken achievement

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Thanks for all the responses. I did think about putting in the options of “never play again” for the first poll and either multiple selections or an "all of the above) for the second poll but chose not too

  1. never play again is dramatic, because let’s face it . If you are a fan and they fix absolutely everything on the list… Then you would come back even if it’s a year or two later.

  2. if I put a choose all option everyone would have just selected that (including me) so I wanted to show /rank what things are the most pertinent. I’m impressed with the even distribution of wants… Also impressed with the fact that the cartel/takedown option is so low which makes sense. If looting/balance/stability is messed up, what’s the point of end game content.


Too many things to list for me to come back. Initially it was mayhem level on item card but at this point, a change at the top needs to be made to save this franchise.


Stopped because there was no use playing this broken beta test…

Everything after mayhem beta test release has no value what so ever… We all allready knew a level cap was around the corner with the new DLC and on top of that all the ■■■■ they broke with that crap?
Them trying to push weapon scaling yet again made me face-palm so hard it still hurts weeks later…

Atm they really need to pull a D3 in order to make me even think of giving it a shot… Though they allready have my money it’s my fault for trusting them… But that doesn’t make this crap less of a dickmove :neutral_face:


I’m suffering for two things:
Lack of “dungeons” like the takedown and gear balance that kills the fun of my favourite builds.

I’m still playing but alternating the Maliwan takedown and the villa is becoming stale. I can’t wait for the new takedown!

For what concerns the gear, once enemy hp is within acceptable values to be dealt with the majority of weapons in a reasonable amount of time again I’ll be very happy and play much more willingly.

Should have an “All of the Above” option :slight_smile:


Not to be that guy, but we do already have a thread for this that is still active. A poll could probably just be added to that one instead of having multiple threads for the same thing.

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I’m still playing frequently, but I had only just gotten the game recently, I’ve never known a time without M2.0 or Cartel. That said, i did find Mayhem to be pretty underwhelming, and i expected more of a challenge with it, but thats mostly due to the OPCake. I was able to go from M1 to M10 within a day just by getting better cakes, by the time i hit M5 i found a 27x2 cake which does as much damage as an M10, so I just bumped it up and started farming scrap and bosses. Nothing was ever really a challenge besides figuring out Wotan.

At this point i’m looking forward to the patch greatly as I feel I would’ve put it down very soon without some balancing. I know I could use other guns besides the cake but i’m not great at imposing challenges on myself, so i always turn back to the cake and opq after trying other guns on M10. Just hoping i’m not setting to great of expectations for the patch will bring.

Till then, i’m leveling other chars.


And there we have it :joy:

New player shot up into the highest “difficulty” with broken weapon scaling… Something everybody (could have seen coming and some even warned gbx about)

Not much harm done for you though :wink: most of us have seen how much they can screw up this game :joy::joy::joy: and that isn’t a fun feeling


my biggest peeve was the Fl4k & Moze nerfs (which caused other bugs) so early in the game’s life cycle.