Why have you stopped playing? (Opinion)

This is exactly what annointments need to go down to. I will however have to disagree with lunshines being hard to get on the correct gun as the grinder was a thing.


They were hard to get through playing, as they only came from moonstone chests and maybe bosses (can’t remember).
You’re right, though. You could use the grinder with moonstones to give a chance at a luneshined item, but even then it wasn’t guaranteed. And you were paying for it, with in game currency. In B3, at M10, every item has an anointment, if it can have one. Still way easier than grinding for luneshines.

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It’s been said before, but I’ll repeat the sentiment again. Anointments would have been awesome if they were just small bonuses that made items slightly better. They wouldn’t be necessary to have a badass character that tears up the game, but if you found them on good items you’d be super happy to have them, and they would be an extra little thing for the more serious min-maxers and grinders to work toward and covet. The current anointment system is just completely botched.


This essay is so on point haha. I made a poll recently to get a gauge on how the community (on the forums at least) felt about anointments.

Around 30% are happy as is but 70% agreed some change was needed regarding them

Edit: added the poll for more visibility since it was relevant

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Theres no challenge to me. Use any meta weapon ase anoint kill everything insta or wait for invulna phase. Its dumb boring now.


I’m still baffled at the potential for this game and what we got, imagine if it wasn’t boring.


Sad thing is honestly I have never been this let down in a game before from a company that I used to hold in high regards. Sure there are others that made you tilt your head but with GBX and Borderlands I figured it would be a sure bet day one purchase based on the previous entries. Of course I could not of been more wrong.

Has GBX been informative on issues, sure of course they have, just not on the issues the community have been asking them about (see the threads/tweets/websites/reddits on splitscreen or the Xbox/Playstation consoles crashing)

At this point I would just prefer if they would be honest and tell us that they are not going to fix their game but will continue to buff/nerf items and force players to grind just to call it “end game content”. Games that came out years before BL3 have managed to do it better, including BL, BL2 and BLTPS.


The only two companies I still trust that way are CD Projekt Red, and From Software. GBX used to be on that list along with Bungie (though I think the partnership with Activision was the cause)

And yes some transparency from the developers would be huge. We don’t need constant events and new mayhem modes/modifiers. We need a finished product before the additional stuff


oOoOh elden ring, whereforeart thou mines’t elden ring…

I agree with CD Project Red for sure. Bungie and Blizzard were also there prior to Activision making a mess of things. Obsidian is also a good one as well but for my money at this point Hello Games took a game (No Mans Sky) and turned it around big time with a fraction of the staff that GBX and 2k have which just frustrates me even more.

I would of been fine if they delayed the game a year if needed even to actually test the game and fix what needed to be fixed. Events, DLC, etc…could care less about when my game doesn’t work in the first place. We all became unpaid beta testers the day we purchased the game.


I completely forgot that was coming out! Still waiting for a sale on Sekiro but I’m midway through bloodbourne atm so that’ll keep me occupied for now

Had to look up what Obsidian has made and I’d say they’re pretty reputable too. The stick of truth was a gem for southpark fans lol

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I stopped playing because I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and am dealing with health issues (it will take me many months to go through and recover)

But I am hoping to get back into playing with my friend. He hasn’t played the new dlc. So I was gonna play that with him. Just haven’t had a chance. It will be some time before we play though

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I quit because I’m not farming my gear again every 3 months or so. Went back to Destiny 2 as my looter shooter. At least your legendary your purple gear is relevant for a full year and exotic(gold) loot never becomes obsolete.

I’ll come to play when the final level cap is introduced. And I will not buy the next game at launch if they keep this outdated system in place.


I was mildly surprised to see it has sold over 10 million copies already. It’s a huge success yet no one out of the 20 plus people on my friends that bought it at launch are playing any more(neither am I) and it has a very low presence on Twitch too. I wonder how many feel burned and are done with the franchise.


Moved you into an existing thread asking more or less the same question. Scroll up for answers.

I quit playing because my computer died. Sigh. Missed all these events this month. But hopefully the cloud will work, I can get back into it, on a much more capable rig.

I wish I could vote 3 - Gear balancing, drop rates fixed and stability issues fixed, in no particular order.

So right now, I stopped playing because bonus boss loot week is over, and drop rates have gone from horrendous back down to abysmal.


I stopped as soon as the last event stopped.

I will be back for the next dlc, unless they let us re-roll modifiers individually and make dedicated drops 100% again. If not, this game is just too frustrating to waste my time with anymore.


Got tired of beta testing.
I’ll think about going back once the final game is released.