Why have you stopped playing? (Opinion)

Tried Maliwan Takedown for the first time in a couple of weeks. I don’t know what else they did but man- they sure buffed the movement speed in combat! :upside_down_face:

I haven’t played since around the Guardian Takedown was dropped. The nerfs to the weapons around that time disgusted me and I lost much interest in playing more.

Maybe I’ll play more when DLC 4 drops but I’ll probably wait longer to see if they ruin anything else. I hate it and it removes much interest I have in playing.

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No need to flame you in the least when you bring up the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game. Looking forward to the next iteration on the PS5. Anything from GBX on the other hand, thanks but no thanks.

The problem with load times is not that other games don’t have long load times It is that in BL3 my gameplay time to load time ratio is the worst I have ever seen. In simple terms, at higher levels, I can kill a boss in 30 seconds but my loading time is 1:30-2:00. Since these bosses die so fast it isn’t really even an interesting 30 seconds.

I am 100% that there should be no dedicated drops. A boss might have a higher % to drop an item but I would rather do ANYTHING than fight Katagawa Jr. I would rather fight takedowns, slaughter shafts and challenges (you know playing the game) instead of repeating the same boss killing over and over. It might be less efficient but it is a hell of a lot more fun.


I’ve had Wasteland 3 for 4 day and have already put over 30 hours into it. I do have other projects I need to attend to but I think right now I’ll do the Kreig DLC and then…? Game does play a lot faster but most legendary gear hardly feels like it is and another level cap means all gear needs to be replaced- and it’s not fun thinking about that. Add in Cyberpunk 2077 as another game I’m looking forward to and I don’t see how BL3 will pry me lose from these games, whereas I played BL2 daily for nearly 5.5 years. I’m fully aware that BL2 would have been nearly impossible to exceed but still… There are some great ideas in this game but their delivery has been less than stellar to say the least. See most of you on the 10th…


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I came back to play a bit after getting frustrated with Denial Subroutine in TPS. GRRRR I hate that boss.

My mission was to take a newly created character through all the DLC at MH10 and get all the cool gear up to lvl 60. Then I read on the forums about a level cap. I was kind of / sort of O.K with it. I love levelling, opens up new possibilities. Then cold hard facts of levelling life hit me. At the end of all this my beloved Pew Pew will never be higher than 57. Same with OPQ. For me, no other weapons come close. Sure, I could spend hours YouTubing and building and farming. Sorry, that’s a chore, not playtime. When things go bad I just turn to Pew Pew. After the cap ??

I enjoyed the easy week of modifiers. Allowed me to do the Trial of Cunning at MH 10. Something I’m not sure I could do otherwise. But then this week, it’s going to rain money?? It’s absolutely pointless. And that gets me to thinking, a lot of this game is kind of fun, but it’s pointless. The legendaries are mostly pointless. There’s a gazzillion of them and about ten that are actually useful. Eredium, more or less pointless.

I’ll wait for DLC4. Then level up with my new moze, then do all the DLCs over again. And then what?? There’s not supposed to be anymore levels. No UVHM. Perhaps do the yearly stuff. Wait and get my Pew Pew next year. I dunnoh, back to Denial Subroutine and Elpis for me.


I stopped playing because the ultimate build for my character requires one item and now I’m bored

Which build and item? Just curious

Rocketeer Class Mod

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Yeah… sounds about right.

The trader by the dam in the dlc has the best gear and I mean the best gear .

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How can you be curious when you structure your questions around what you feel would be valid reasons?

Min/max game is what BL3 became. I quit because of that. Difficulty is for some other game. 1st time logging into the forums in 4 or more months and you see the same, loot oriented, rhetoric.

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Ultimately that’s happened because that’s what the game has become.

The game has devolved into a simple group of maybe 10 items with the right 2 or 3 anointments, and that’s pretty much all you need to beat the game with any character. Pick the 10 meta items of the moment, farm for just them, and then you get them all and do what? It’s the lack of GAME to play that stops me. I would be fine if the farming had a point, but there is no point here. It’s just farm until you get this selection of items, and then Gearbox comes out with a different selection that’s better and you have to farm that, wash, rinse, and repeat.

What am I farming for again? What’s the point?

Don’t ask. And pay no attention to the DLC with the new gear that’s better than what you’re farming behind the curtain.


I can agree with that. I thought there were endless choices. I had a few legos, came here to trade back in Dec or Jan, and everyone is looking for the same stuff. People want EZ mode and a lack of coding seems to make it an easy thing to accomplish. BL2 is more fun than this. I didn’t finish the tentacle expansion and I’ve not logged in since…and while I bought FOUR copies of the game, 2 129.99 epic and 2 59.99 on ste because epic is trash, and I consider it a waste of money and won’t be pre-ordering the next whatever.

Haven’t played the game in months and what you just said describes exactly why.


Kinda waiting to for the last dlc to come out so I can max level my characters. Hopefully they don’t increase the levels at least every few months. I still really hope the modifiers in Mayhem can be turned off optional or get rid off completely.

As much I have bitterness for how this game turns out I really want to see improvements so I can fully enjoy this game again. The only roadblock for me that pushing me away is Mayhem modifiers. I play M10 but I don’t wanna deal with the cluster stuffs made from the modifiers


I haven’t played the game since may. The main reason is the Mayhem 2.0 update. I was very unhappy with the radical change of gameplay M 2.0 brought, expecially the modifiers.

After the update, I continued playing the game a bit, trying to see if I could still enjoy it and at the same time I joined the forum to discuss Mayhem 2.0 with other players.
I even posted a thread [POLL] Mayhem 2.0 modifiers

From the discussion that ensued, I realized that the usefulness of my thread in giving a feedback about the modifiers was limited: I was told the players on the forum aren’t a representative sample of the whole playerbase.

Yeah, upon reaching this point I actually stopped playing the game and visiting the forum.
I felt I had nothing to do anymore with both the developers and a large part of the BL community and that’s awful, considering that I’ve played every single BL game up until now.


Logged back in for first time in a couple months tonight - managed 20 minutes. I’d forgotten how long the load times are - 7 1/2 claptraps go by on PS4 pro (with ssd) now before I even make it to the main menu.

Once I got in I’d also forgotten the immense eye strain this game can cause - had a massive headache after a few minutes, guess I’m used to play big other games now that can look beautiful without searing my retinas.

Just played through Spider-Man again on a whim and the level of polish, graphical fidelity, fast Loading and obvious love for the Source material And respect for the player by the devs really helps to put BL3 into perspective.


I stopped playing because it seems like they’ve given up on fixing the Riding to Ruin bug and are focusing on releasing another DLC instead. I mean, we paid for these DLC’s and I find it ridiculous that we can’t even finish them.