Why haven't 'Dit It All' popped after defeating Terramorphous (and finishing You.Will.Die (Seriously)?

So I cross-saved a character and I’ve been playing with a friend. I’d been told that in order to get the Did it All trophy I had to kill Terramorphous with somebody who had that mission active. Today I killed Terramorphous with my friend and went to talk to Tannis to finish the mission but the trophy didn’t pop. Any idea why? And what should I do? It’d be much appreciated.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

You have to complete all side missions on the same character in the same mode (NVHM, TVHM or UVHM). There’s a complete list of the required ones you can check off here:


One caveat on Terra - I think you may actually have to have the mission active for the achievement to pop.

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Yes, the mission was active (because my friend had that mission active) and I completed it with him but the trophy didn’t pop. As I said I used a cross-saved character (level 58 with all main/side missions previously completed) and I was told on a PS forum that I only had to kill Terra again with somebody who had that mission active in order for Did It All to pop, but it didn’t. So, you’re telling that I have to play through the whole game again? But I can’t use a cross-saved character in NVHM and start the story again, right? Because I’ve tried and it makes me create a new character :pleading_face:

What mode was your friend playing in when you joined? If it was a different mode to the one you have all side quests completed in then it wouldn’t count.

It’s his first playthrough so it’s NVHM as well.

Odd. Achievements with cross-save files do seem to be a bit glitchy though. If your friend has just started and will have to complete all those quests, you may as well start a new character yourself - two is better than one, as they say!

You can’t reset NVHM progress, no. If you had a character that was part-way through NVHM you could transfer that over.

Or I could just start TVHM, right? Do you think it’ll work if I complete all the side quests there with the same character? To be honest, I don’t feel like starting a new game with a new character and my friend has already finished all the main quests and most of the side quests by now.

BTW, might it have something to do with the new patch/DLC?

You could, yes.

I honestly don’t remember how I finished off the achievements when I transferred to the HC version. A lot of them triggered automatically whenever I hit one of the milestones that would trigger a check (killed enemies, location unlocked, etc.) I had a few left that I completed with one character which I think I had transferred mid-TVHM but still had lots of side quests open.

I honestly don’t know. I haven’t even had a chance to download it yet.

OK, so just to be clear one more time. Playing on TVHM with the same character and doing all side quests will net me the trophy, right?

BTW, is TVHM too difficult? It’d be nice to know if I’ll have a hard time or not :confused:

I have a zero at level 39 (got a Salvador at level 54 as well but I’ve probably done all quests with him) , if I remember correctly, that I could cross save, but to be on the safe side I think it’s best if I just play with my main character on TVHM because it’s only possible to have one cross saved character.

That’s true, many trophies auto-popped for me as well or the challenges trophy and level trophies just popped after finishing a challenge or levelling up. But doing all the side quests again is a pain in the as* :roll_eyes:

To be honest I wasn’t going to download the patch but I thought that it couldn’t hurt and that I’d probably need it to play coop with my friend.

As far as I can remember, yes.

That’s rather subjective. There are some parts that can be quite difficult if you are under-levelled or don’t have appropriate gear. It’s obviously a bit harder than NVHM, but not too bad. Since you’ll be trying to clear all the side quests, you should be fine for both gear and gaining a level or two whenever you need it.

Well, I’ve loaded my character on TVHM and pressed continue and apparently I finished the main story on that mode but got a bunch of side quests pending, to be precise 46 side quests in total, some of them undiscovered. What should I do? Continue from there and finish the remaining side quests?

I finished the remaining side quests in TVHM and I didn’t get Dit It All. I played the last missions in coop and my friend turned in a couple but it wouldn’t spoil the trophy for me, right?

I guess I’ll have to start a new playthough from scratch…

Thanks for your replies.

I also heard if you didn’t do all the dome quests in the animal reserve that came with the special edition of the game and did them on The Handsome Collection that trophy will pop. I had that edition on ps3 so I had them completed. I haven’t tried tried the terramorphis thing with a friend though. I think I’ll have to do a new playthrough as well. I’m currently doing my first playthrough on TPS since I got the Handsome collection. If you need help running through TVHM let me know. I gotta do it all over too it seems.

Are you the one who blew the horn to summon Terra? You may want to try that.

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