Why I am not having fun playing your game

So you release another character that is unbalanced. He can run around our base with impunity and destroy all the equipment. Fun. You also broke Atticus when your removed the knock back from his pounce. Good job guys.


I main Deande and I do a better job destroying buildables than Pendles, but I dont see you complaing about her. Ive only met one good Pendles, every other Pendles I have met has sucked and played super obviously even when destroying buildables, it just takes awareness you should already have.

Attikus does need work however.l


The only broken character at the moment is Benedict. I find myself doing 15-30+ kills with 0-3 deaths easily with him even against skillful players. The new character is not broken at all. He is easy to deal with.


Shhhhhh, he’s not broke, he’s perfect! :sweat_smile:

No, but seriously, for every good Pendles, there’s maybe 10 who don’t grasp how he plays. I will say, that the slower your character is, the worse you’re gonna have it. I was getting rekt as Ghalt, but now that I switched to Galilea/Marquis, he’s not so scary. He shows up, fails in killing me, and disappears or dies because he gets greedy.


Hes not broken, hes in a really good place. A lot of characters can do that and have always done that, ranged and stealth alike.


I’ve been playing around with benedict builds recently, what gear do you use as benny?

Yeah but they can’t kill your creep wave before it leaves the spawner.

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I have to ask again, how is Pendles different that the Spy in TF2.
As a TFC player the invisibility bugged me, if any of you played TFC you remember the original Spy.

So here we are in the future of gaming, invisibility is a thing. :sunny:

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That would kind of deny their team mates EXP. Plus, catch him in the act. Base turrets are dangerous

If he does that he can be shut down so easily

I like Pendles. He’s vulnerable and quite weak but devious if played well, and really demands that you stay on your guard (which I don’t, usually happily assassinating from a distance, and getting punished for not paying attention to what might be behind me!). It’s a dent to my pride but certainly not ruining the game.

@wisecarver that’s just the comparison I thought of. I don’t hear many people complaining about the spy in TF2, but Pendles can perform a similar strategy and, in the same way, is pretty hard to get right and go undetected. Unfortunately his cockney accent doesn’t quite live up to the spy’s suave Francophone seductiveness, but that’s probably my prejudice…

Edit to also say, I actually think the spy in TF2 is a bit underpowered. Mostly because of pyros, he’s extremely easy to detect, so you either have to play a very long game with the cloak and dagger, or be prepared to die a lot with a pyro spraying randomly and not achieve too much. Pendles seems a bit more useful.

I also agree with @RayLightning, Benedict did not need to be buffed, he was already a force to be reckoned with.

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I agree. Pendles just sucked the fun out of a game I was enjoying learning. Now, I am thinking about quitting.

Maybe I suck at MOBAs. But I am just not having fun here. Between the matchmaking and Pendels… Yeah, just not fun to try to learn the game. People have tried to give me advice on how to counter him. It doesn’t work.

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Darkeus, I feel the same. I really liked battleborn before Pendles. Pendles changed the game in a big way, much bigger than Alani. He changed how the game is played and I am not sure if I like the new direction. I will probably give it a break for a week or two then jump back in and see how the enviroment is, but I do not like the state of everything how it is now. I feel like Pendles probably should have been a later character rather than one of the first DLC characters, he just changed everything.

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People playing (and owning) with Pendles will disagree with him being OP, because they are happy with him (of course),

As always.


I’ve played, owned, and been rekt as Pendles. I’ve said it before in another post, but if you don’t try and stick with your team, or you and/or your team is oblivious when he shows up on the radar, you’re going to have a bad time. He preys on the lonely, he punishes the oblivious. Stick together and watch the map, and he won’t be an issue.


What exactly did he change? How did one character impact this game soo much that you feel like it’s an entirely different game? I’m not chastising, I just don’t see any changes.

For me he’s just another stealth character. If I see an OM, Deande, or Shayne on the other team I always prepared myself to watch the corners for sneak attacks. Pendles is the same thing except he’s WAY WAY WAY more weaker than them. Drop a slow on him and he’s pretty much finished no matter what he tries to do, and he doesn’t have the health to stay in a fight by himself.


I’m not trying to sound complacent, but I’ve done the best job with Pendles so far that I’ve seen on Xbox. Even then I can really only secure kills or take out someone who is distracted.

Biggest thing I’d have to say to people who are saying he is OP is try and play him yourself. If he is truly OP, then everyone should be wrecking with him, which I’ve yet to see. Wait for the new car smell to wear off of him before making such claims.

If you are having troubles facing one, treat him like the ghosts in any mario game and give him a chase while he’s low on health. He can barely 1v1 unless they turn their back to him. CC him also = death very quickly.

I would say the only thing that needs to be fixed for him is he should be revealed for a few seconds after shot in stealth and then after a few reveals he should be knocked out of stealth. That and the reveal/tracking features of Toby, Reyna, and others should be updated to work on stealthed enemies.


I actually feel his balance is close to spot on.

I am yet to encounter a Pendles that actually camps the minion spawn, so I can’t speak for the brokenness of that strategy, but overall he’s an interesting addition to the roster.

Against unmatched groups who tend to stray he’s godlike, but against a matched group with mics? Forget about getting ganks.

I can go 15-0 with him one game to 1-9 the next depending on how well the opposing team works together.

Sure he’s good at getting around the map, stealing shards etc, but he sacrifices a lot of exp from minion clear to do all those things. It’s not uncommon to see Pendles horribly outlevelled because he neglects regular tasks and suffers for it.

He struggles to burst people down from 100-0, or even finish high mobility characters off when they’re low, so you have to choose your mark wisely, and your engagement ground.

Is squishy as hell and dies when he reveals himself out of position and can’t get away.

When he tries to contribute to a team fight he’s nothing more than a nuisance.


Before pendles buildables would actually stay on the map if you stayed in your lane. Now not so much you can be defending the middle of your lane while pendles comes from behind and destroys them. Before if you were far enough in your base you could teleport back without worrying that you would be killed in the middle of the teleport, not so much now. Now you have to be a bit more careful. He just makes it to where you have to be much more aware during a match than you were before. And yes i know other characters could do that before but they had to do it quickly and couldnt follow or dive into your base as far because they would need to commit. Pendles takes that away, he can be all the way to your entrance of the map and sit there the entire time if he wanted to. There no longer is a “safe” side of the map for you to retreat and i dont like that at all. I have no problem killing him or fighting him, i think that he should have been a later dlc character. I think that they released him too early in the roster. Thats how i feel, i will give it a break for now. Ill play with my friends if they invite me but i wont be solo queueing any more into this game, and thats what i really hate about him. I hate that i now feel like i MUST play with a good team to win, where before i could carry underperforming players by being able to hold a side by myself i cant now.

TL;DR: Just don’t respond with the lame advice of “Just be more aware of your surroundings.” Like OMFG I had never thought of that before, and it’s not like I mention in this same post that I personally don’t have trouble dealing with him.

TL;DR still: Just don’t

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Ok so you don’t like that he makes you have to be a little more aware of your surroundings then you were before? I guess I can understand that, if you didn’t pay attention to what’s going on around the map before his release, he can make a big splash. All of what you said could be done by a good OM or Deande (I’ve destroyed entire base of buildables, stole enemy shards, and got out before getting killed as both of them well before Pendles was a thing). The buildables it easy to watch for, if you see them disappearing off the mini-map (which I ALWAYS keep the full map up instead of the radar) you can either head back to kill him off, or save up shards to rebuild it later.

As I said before if you see him on the other team, just make yourself more aware that anything could happen.