Why I am playing overwatch instead of battleborn

I don’t want to spend a lot of time playing against AI to unlock heroes for pvp.

Also, I don’t want to unlock abilities as rhe game progresses. I want them from the start.

Lastly, I prefer to be able to switch from a character that isnt working, midgame, to one that might.

Can you add these features?
All characters available from game one.
Choose abilities before match starts.
Allow character switching during game.

If you do, people will come. People will definitely come, Ray.

Well it sounds like you would prefer to play Overwatch, so go ahead and do it.


Don’t wanna start wars here but this sounds like another “change this game to be more like overwatch” thread.
I like unlocking things and leveling up always been one of my addictions maybe and it just gives me a sense of accomplishment when i get that character and i can finally tryem out.
While they have some similarities overwatch and battleborn aren’t really the same game at all.

Such an original thread concept… 10/10 Well done!

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But, battleborn has such potential. I’d rather not see it die.

Without those changes . . . It is almost dead.

I would love to see it more accessible. Get back the numbers it started with.

You folks apparently would rather see battleborn scrapped?

You think making new threads to say you’re leaving Battleborn to play Overwatch is helping the game?

What a fantastic advocate you are for the game.

Are you in marketing for 2K?


I don’t see this going anywhere good.