Why I bought Battleborn Deluxe Edition twice

To mock all the other topics of “Why I’m not going to purchase…”.

Got PS4 today just to play BB, to follow my own advice and play on PlayStation to avoid cheaters. Trying to aim on a gamepad is terrible, but somehow on the first fight I ended up second on damage and we won The Archive. Also gamepads are kinda cool. Make your character move real smooth with the stick.

I wonder though, if you have PC and PS4 Battleborn linked to your single SHIFT account, will it get x2 unlock keys with each release of DLC?

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There are keyboards/mice for PS.

Doesn’t look like BB supports PS4 mouse.

You, Sir, are a hero! :heart:
Seems to be a much better experience on consoles, I´m on XB1 and never came across any issue, besides slightly rubberbanding from level geometrics.
You´ll get there with the aiming - my first shooter ever was BL1 on XBX, was hard to learn aiming, but a year later I could do legendary runs in Halo^^

Sounds promising, thanks.

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That’s sad. Do you have it and it doesn’t work?

Well it’s just a regular USB mouse, I plug it into PS4 and it shows a mouse icon at my PSN name, but it doesn’t do anything in BB.

I heard there a some mouse/keyboard sets made specifically for PS4.